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Aircraft Maintenance Technology in Today Use - Report Example

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This paper "Aircraft Maintenance Technology in Today Use" will analyse the technology used in the maintenance of typical commercial aircraft, and produces a report on the technology in use today and how changes in technology have altered the way typical commercial aircraft are maintained.  …
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Aircraft Maintenance Technology in Today Use
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Extract of sample "Aircraft Maintenance Technology in Today Use"

Download file to see previous pages Aircraft Maintenance technology relates to the actions required to improve the airworthiness and the designed-in reliability of an aircraft and its systems, subsystems, and components throughout the life cycle of the aircraft. Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) perform or supervise maintenance, preventive maintenance, and alteration of aircraft and aircraft systems in accordance with the provisions of Federal Aviation Regulations.

As the aviation technology made it progress, it was necessary to bring in the maintenance of all the aircraft for it’s prolonged and safety use. From the time it started, aircraft maintenance has gone through a series of changes. From basic to improvised and now the high-tech maintenance. As gradually the aircraft problem raised, maintenance also matured.

The following context will discuss very briefly the journey of maintenance to the latest maintenance technology. The further paragraph will discuss how it has cooped with the latest technology and then the future of aircraft maintenance.

How to effectively improve the quality of the aircraft outfield maintenance management is a problem any management personnel seeking high profits in both developed and developing countries must be faced with, no matter what aircraft they maintain, military aircraft or civilian aircraft. Some of the several technologies used for aircraft maintenance are:
On-board Diagnostics: The use of neural networks (NNs) to enhance onboard diagnostics and provide real-time damage detection for aircraft reconfiguration has been investigated. This research focus was a result of investigating new technologies to improve mission success and reduce life cycle/support cost resulting from a high percentage of `cannot duplicate and `retest O.K. maintenance actions occurring on some aircraft systems. Laboratory testing results have shown that future onboard diagnostics systems can use NNs to detect the intermittent failure and false failure indications. The test instance featured an Ada-based NN running in an advanced vehicle management system computer (VMSC).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Aircraft Maintenance Technology in Today Use Report - 1.
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