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Industrial Hygiene Issues in Construction - Research Paper Example

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Industrial hygiene entails the anticipation, recognition, control, evaluation, and prevention of vulnerability from work that result in injuries, illnesses, or negatively impact on the wellbeing of workers (Garrett et al., 12). Industrial hygiene poses a risk to the wellbeing of…
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Industrial Hygiene Issues in Construction
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Download file to see previous pages our main issues will be tackled in this study including recognition of issues involved in industrial hygiene (IH), evaluation of the IH issues, control of industrial hygiene issues, and environmental factors of the IH issues.
Workplace health hazards result in a variety of diseases to the workers including severe allergic reactions, cancers, noise-induced hearing loss, nervous system impairment among other diseases and health problems. These diseases and health problems are because of the use of cement and soil with silica and building materials that negatively affect workers welfare and health. There is noise of machinery used in the construction of buildings as the other issue affecting the hearing abilities of the workers and other senses. The other issue evident in industrial hygiene is water used in construction that causes molds in houses. The other causes of health problems and diseases recognized in industrial hygiene include bacteria, radiation, excessive heat, solvents, carbon monoxide, fiberglass, and asbestos. The actions that are mostly prevalent in the exposure of construction workers to hazardous materials include welding, cutting concrete, abrasive blasting, preparing or removing paint, applying insulation, and removing adhesives. The recognition of the presence of health hazards at the work place such as asbestos, cement, and soil with silica, noise, and molds is done through observation and other methods by an industrial hygienist.
Evaluation in industrial hygiene entails the systematic determination of the presence of health hazards at construction sites of buildings and working environments using a set of guidelines. This is done through an assessment of the working environment to determine the amount of air contaminants, chemical, ergonomic, biological, physical hazards at a workstation and the control procedures used in ensuring the employees are well protected from these hazards. A health industrialist conducts an evaluation to assess the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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