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Bridge design - Coursework Example

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It is situated in the town of Guilford, Surrey. This university makes use of a pedestrian bridge for entering in the premises of the university. This bridge is of…
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Bridge design
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Download file to see previous pages This old bridge carries gas pipelines along with phone cables which are needed to be accommodated in new design as well. Also this bridge provides a secondary path over the railway lines, thus providing an easy and safe transportation of pedestrians across the railway lines.
Idea of stayed bridge was first introduced in 16th century which was then furnished to produce an engineered cable stayed bridge after Second World War. This engineered bridge was constructed in Europe to provide pedestrians with the shortest path to their destination. Cable stayed bridges are considered to be like ordinary suspension bridge as their physical appearance resemble a lot. These bridges differ from suspension bridges in a way that the suspension bridges are having two towers but cable stayed bridges make use of only a single tower to hold all the load of deck and traffic moving on the deck.
In cable stayed bridges, the single tower is responsible of holding all the compressional forces acting on the bridge and tension is distributed by making use of stays. Such bridges are having specialized orthotropic decks which are furnished with continuous girders and stays for support. The analysis of such bridges is carried out by making use of linear elastic analysis. This technique is used because of the triangulated force approach used in the construction of stayed bridge. In real time applications, bridge is subjected to a number of torsional and shear forces that are being applied through the environment like, air currents, deformation of structure, load distributions etc. but currently we are not concerned with these parameters and considering only the live and dead loads. A typical suspension bridge force vector is shown below:
The purpose of conducting this research is to come up with the best bridge design which is economically as well as socially feasible. Major concern is to construct a project which can be conveniently handled by the crew of county works while erecting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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