Testing and analyzing the windows of airbus airplanes and why it does not affect by the high voltage lighting in the sky - Research Paper Example

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These charged regions produce lightning flashes in order to equalize the concentration of charge. Commonly three types of lightning…
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Testing and analyzing the windows of airbus airplanes and why it does not affect by the high voltage lighting in the sky
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Extract of sample "Testing and analyzing the windows of airbus airplanes and why it does not affect by the high voltage lighting in the sky"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, while designing and developing plane preventive measures are taken to cope with such unpleasant situations before time.
High voltage lightning within the atmosphere(Naidu and Kamaraju); negatively affect the planes and birds during flight. Below is the exhaustive list of dangers suspected as a result of high voltage lightning.
Lightning strokes result in the production of immense heat energy and high intensity magnetic forces. This heat energy is directly produced at the surface of the body which is in contact with the lightning strike. The extent of this generated is too high to vaporize the sap of a tree if it travels across it. This vaporization would result in the generation of immense steam which may result in the bursting of the tree trunk. If this steam is allowed to pass through soil, it may cause plasma channels to melt down forming fulgurites. Any sort of contact with humans or other loving things may even result in spontaneous deaths. Therefore, while designing sophisticated systems, lightning protection systems needs to be introduced in order to keep the system protected in unpleasant situations as well.
Lightning is always accompanied by a thunder sound. This is not only a sound we hear but it is actually a very dangerous compression wave which is high in intensity as well as speed and can badly affect anything during its flight. Chemistry of thunder is that the electrostatic discharge produces lightning which is having high temperatures that heats the air and converts it to plasma. This process takes place along the discharge channel. Production of plasma raises the pressure within the cloud area resulting in sudden expansion of molecules outwards the area. This expansion is accompanied by the production of shockwave with immense energy. This energy can really affect the flight of the plane flying through the cloudy area.
Lightning is one of the most common source of natural disaster and fatalities after flood and each year ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Testing and Analyzing the Windows of Airbus Airplanes and Why It Does Research Paper)
“Testing and Analyzing the Windows of Airbus Airplanes and Why It Does Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/engineering-and-construction/1642062-testing-and-analyzing-the-windows-of-airbus-airplanes-and-why-it-does-not-affect-by-the-high-voltage-lighting-in-the-sky.
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