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CTV Building Collapse: Case Report - Assignment Example

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CTV Building Collapse: Case Report Executive summary The growing environmental issues like global warming and climate change have notably changed the geological structure of the earth which in turn has increased the possibility of earthquakes. …
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CTV Building Collapse: Case Report
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Download file to see previous pages A number of investigations were carried out to figure out the causes of the building collapse and all the investigation reports pointed to poor building design and construction operations. The principal engineer Alan Reay employed an inexperienced engineer (David Harding) for the building design. In addition, Reay did not supervise the operations of Harding and hence many potential defects in the construction process had gone unidentified. To worsen the problem, the construction manager failed to properly guide the building’s foreman. The Christchurch City Council issued a permit for this deficient building design under external pressure and also the local authorities issued a ‘green sticker’ for the CTV building following a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in September 2010. As a result, the occupants of the CTV building believed that it can survive earthquakes of that range and hence they continued to stay in this building. This paper will identify the key role-players and stakeholders that can be associated with the CTV building and its consequences. This report will also analyze the key management and organizational factors related to the failure. Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Case analysis 2.1 Brief overview 2.2 Key role players and stakeholders 2.3 Management and organizational factors 3. Summary and conclusions 4. Recommendations 5. References 1. Introduction The Canterbury Television building at the Cashel and Madras Streets in Christchurch, constructed in 1986 was the headquarters of CTV and some other companies. This building later became one of the highlights of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake because it collapsed during the earthquake and took the lives of 115 people, which represented over half of the total fatalities. The Royal Commission of Inquiry conducted an investigation to identify the causes of building collapse and found that the deficient building design and the engineer’s inexperience significantly contributed to this catastrophe. The investigation report also pointed that the building structure did not meet three 1986 building standards. In the report prepared by Dr Clark Hyland and Ashley Smith, the authors indicated that “the building was susceptible to intense horizontal ground shaking, a lack of flexibility in its supporting columns, and the asymmetrical layout of the shear or structural walls, made the building twist excessively” (as cited in One news, July 09, 2012). 2. Case analysis 2.1 Brief overview The building collapsed during the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake with only a part of the wall that included the lift shaft left undamaged. According to a final report released by the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission, the six-storey building collapsed ‘within 10-20 seconds of the onset of the magnitude 6.3 earthquake’ (BBC Asia). Within minutes after the collapse of the building, a fire started. Although most of the victims died as an impact of the collapse, it is assumed that some people were burnt to death whereas some others might have drowned during the fire prevention efforts. The King’s Education was located on the CTV building there were 87 regular students, 27 visiting students, and 17 staff members at the time of the earthquake. The school lost hard copy and server records of student details and this situation adversely affected the school’s efforts to identify the missing students. The disaster took the lives of 115 people. The bodies of four victims could not be identified because the high temperature of the fire had damaged DNA traces completely. Only seven people could survive this dreadful disaster and three of them were on the Level 6 at the time of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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