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Quality Safety and Management - Coursework Example

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Quality Safety Management Name Institution SECTION A Introduction The number of risks associated to construction engineers may eventuate into the experience of increased expenses during even before the contract period. This is with nature of the anticipated risks especially towards construction engineering…
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Quality Safety and Management
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Download file to see previous pages These regulations lay out the duties of all the stakeholders in the construction process, ranging from the clients, designers as well as, putting more emphasis on the CDM coordinator. Generally, issues pertaining construction industry have become of grave concern to the public in totality. For instance, it has been noted that there has been much discussion in the construction industry about the duties and powers that the CDM Coordinator currently has, and what changes to those powers could improve the effectiveness of the CDM Regulations to achieve their high level aims. More evidently, research has hinted that the UK construction industry suffers from numerous problems, not least of which is its reputation for not meeting clients’ needs. This paper seeks to analyze these two connotations with a view to make clear the recommendations for the issues. Research and evaluation Since the formulation of new regulations, researchers have sought to highlight the state of affairs of the construction industry with an intention to bring into focus their perspective on the issue of challenges facing the construction industry as it stands today. With introduction of the CDM coordinator, a turn of events was expected. ...
Notably, performance of the construction industry has been rated on the cost, quality and the time involved. According to Hunt, Robitaille and Villiams (2008) following fragmented nature of the industry there has been poor communication between the stakeholders involved in a construction project and the CDM coordinator. Investigations into the matter has revealed that, the changes previously established have never been implemented implying that the construction industry has been on the verge of resisting change (Crosby, 2004). It has also been established that although clients were the main parties in instigating change in the construction industry, they were rarely involved in the governance of the sector and also there was the need for proper communication between the clients and the contractors, and the coordinator (CIRIA, 1999). Rethinking Construction pointed out on the need for adoption of mechanisms that will guarantee quality and efficiency in the UK construction industry. They identified the major drivers for the proposed change as committed leadership, better focus on the customer, Integration of systems and teams, having a quality driven agenda as well as, committed people (CIRIA, 1999). Another study revealed that, the output of the UK industry rose to a considerable level prompting a rise in the standards within the sector (CIRIA, 1999). According to a report by market and the chartered institute of purchasing, in spite of increased activity in the construction sector new forms of work and employment still stood at low margins (Chau and Lai, 1994). As indicated the construction purchasing managers index (CPI) stood at 50.9 mark in October, 2012 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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