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Production Management Principles - Assignment Example

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Planning is essential for any successful construction of a project. It is essential in effective control of money, resources and time. It also helps come up with safe working methods as eliminate any risks that may be occur during construction…
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Production Management Principles
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Download file to see previous pages The construction process is to take place in a college that is also near a rural village. The project will therefore have both disruptive and beneficial effects on the community. This section provides the corrective measures and methods that should be put in place, where feasible, to minimize the amount of the resulting disruption. Generally, the company has set construction practices that take into consideration the direct impacts of the construction process and also provides for measures to minimize and if possible eliminate their effects. The Company will seek to provide an assurance to the students, residents and businesses in the nearby village that it intends to work hand in hand with the community, so as to make the construction project as least disruptive as possible.
The following are the direct impacts that the constructions of the student bar and student service centre may have on the locality and the measures which the company will undertake to ensure that the disruptions are at a minimum.
Impacts arising from noise and vibration
Noise and vibrations will arise from the use of heavy machinery during construction. The company will undertake all available measures to ensure that these impacts are minimized. Generally, the company will use the ‘best applicable means, approach to minimize emissions of noise and vibrations. This is where;...
he effects of noise vibrations: a) Adding sound absorbing materials or mufflers to noisy equipments b) Citing noisy equipments away from workers, students and residents e.g. in secluded places. c) Building barriers e.g. ply wood with noise absorbing materials around noisy equipment. d) Maintenance of old equipment. 2. Impact on the air quality. These effects will be temporary and will arise from emissions from diesel powered construction machines as well as dust. The measures that the company will undertake to minimize these effects are: a) Use of watering to control air pollution arising from the creation of dust arising from creation of airborne particles. b) Where possible, the company will use electricity to power machinery instead of diesel. 3. Impact on the water quality Measures will be taken to minimize the impact of the construction activities on water bodies. To achieve this, all sediments will be treated before being released to the environment. 4. Impact on traffic During the construction period, traffic in the area may be affected. There may arise instances where roads will be diverted or closed as well as private accesses such as foot paths and water ways. The company will implement all appropriate measures in both the design and construction of the project to ease delays and disruption to users of these roads throughout the project. Maintenance of traffic will be best achieved through planning and scheduling so as to reduce delays. Where appropriate, signs will be used to provide notice to the travelling public about any road closures as well as any other pertinent information. Notices about construction-related activities that may inconvenience the community and road closings will put in advance to enable the public to plan on alternative travel routes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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