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How Does New Technology Affect Education - Term Paper Example

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The paper tries to discuss the cause and effects of the use of technology in education with all its strong points and weak points. The author states that a teacher should teach the students to use internet material for gaining information but the ultimate objective is to use their own creativity.  …
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How Does New Technology Affect Education
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Extract of sample "How Does New Technology Affect Education"

Download file to see previous pages In modern schools, computers and audiovisual devices are frequently used to impart training to the students. The impact of technology is no doubt very significant and it is quite true that the usage of technology can enhance the effectiveness of the sessions and educational productivity. The learning process has become more interesting and pleasurable for both students and children. It is the observation of the teacher that the students’ interest increases when the teacher incorporates technology into the lessons. Online or virtual learning also has gained a lot of importance due to the technological revolution. Some teachers many times complain that the constant use of technology is hampering the real growth of the students with many side effects. 

The technology is spreading at a rapid pace. It has occupied almost all the fields. The technological inventions have carried out numerous options that are inexpensive, and user-friendly. The mobile phone is an essential commodity that is used even by kids. Children are rather more tech-savvy than grown-up people. “Students generally know, or quickly learn, how to access the tutorials embedded within a software program, video games, or phone “app” in order to learn how to complete specific tasks using the program.” (Cennamo Katherine, Ross John, Ertmer Peggy 2013) Laptops, DVD drives, USBs, modems, wireless networks have been the part and parcel of everyone's life. Television, telephone, computers are also very frequently used in the learning and teaching process. The cellular technology is becoming persuasive and they are turning into the digital assistants who have access to the internet. The students from the modern generation are digitally and technically literate and they can easily absorb technology in their daily life.  Along with teaching, nonteaching tasks are also involved in the education field such as conducting admission process, communicating with parents, meetings, presentation, communicating stakeholders and vendors of the institution or organization maintaining records, etc.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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