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Ethics of Student Cash Reward Strategy - Research Paper Example

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The author states that the different United States schools do their best to ethically encourage students to increase their school performances. The schools successfully implemented student enhancement programs. The programs include offering cash rewards and scholarships. …
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Ethics of Student Cash Reward Strategy
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Extract of sample "Ethics of Student Cash Reward Strategy"

Download file to see previous pages The cash rewards will encourage the students to improve their currently lackluster class performances.  Offering cash rewards to excelling students is ethically correct.

An ethical issue pertains to determining whether the act or non-act complies with established ethics standards (Mizzoni 12). Ethics standards differ from legal standards. An act that is ethical may not be legal. Likewise, an act that is unethical may be legal. The legal standards require individuals or entities to implement the laws. Consequently, violators of the law may be penalized. The penalties are based on the kind and gravity of the law violation.

The practical standards may differ from the ethics standards (Mizzoni 12). For example, it is unethical to steal money. In practical terms, the hungry jobless vagrant steals money in order to feed his hungry stomach. The vagrant prioritizes filling his need for food over compliance with established ethics (do not steal) standards.

Ethics differs from Moral (Tapper 25). Ethics defines established societal standards. The societal standards include avoiding stealing, murder, rape, arson, robbery and other unethical acts. On the other hand, moral refers to the person who is doing the act or avoiding complying with established avoidable acts. The defense lawyer knows that it is immoral to defend a murderer. However, the lawyers’ ethical standards included giving one’s best to help them win the case.

Researchers from the Center on Education Policy Group conducted research (Center for Education Policy 1). The research focused on determining whether money or other similar rewards do motivate the students to study harder. By studying hard, the students are expected to produce higher classroom test scores. The group starts by stating that the teacher may offer a candy piece to a kindergarten student who gets high-class test grades. Next, the group describes the teacher offering $50 to the high school student for performing academically high during exams.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethics of Student Cash Reward Strategy Research Paper.
(Ethics of Student Cash Reward Strategy Research Paper)
Ethics of Student Cash Reward Strategy Research Paper.
“Ethics of Student Cash Reward Strategy Research Paper”.
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