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Group Formation Website - Literature review Example

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The author represents a review of literature in order to summarise findings, which can help to understand the influence of group composition on its performance and to build a theoretical base for the practical purpose of forming effective virtual study groups of first-year students via the Internet …
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Download file to see previous pages Ferris and Godar assert that collaborative learning is particularly effective in teaching and learning with virtual teams or small groups, which “avail themselves of an array of computer, digital and telecommunication technologies” (viii).
Some researches give the evidence that a composition of a group has a considerable impact on the group effectiveness and performance, namely on satisfaction and motivation, creativity, the conflict occurring, problem-solving competency, group cohesion and communication (Higgs, Plewnia and Ploch 228). Ferris and Godar argue that in well-formed study groups the students are responsible for one another’s learning as well as their own, so “the success of one student helps other students to be successful” (vii). Thus, it becomes clear that virtual study groups’ forming methods that ensure the certain components of groups can influence noticeably upon the future success or failure of these groups.
In this chapter, we represent a review of academic and professional literature in order to summarise findings and thoughts, which can help to understand the influence of group composition on its performance and to build a comprehensive theoretical base for the practical purpose of forming effective virtual study groups of first-year students via the Internet.
Groups are extremely important for any of us; working in groups was an essential part of human life from its very beginning. In the article Groups that Work Blair considers two separate issues are always involved when people work in groups: the task (or the problem involved in getting the job done) and the process (the mechanism by which the group acts as a unit).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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