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90/90/90 types of school success - Assignment Example

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A 90/90/90 school is where 90 percent of the students are eligible for free and reduced lunch, 90 percent or more are members of the ethnic minority groups, and lastly, 90 percent or more of the students meet the district as well as state academic standards in reading. The term…
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90/90/90 types of school success
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Download file to see previous pages author further argues that the utilization of the 90/90/90 techniques may be used to enhance student success and close the equality gap in learning institutions of any demographic description.
Proceeding further, there are a set of behaviors which the leaders and students of high enrollment, high achievement, and high poverty schools demonstrate. First a focus on academic success where there is an accountability system used by these school to establish five areas in which they measure improvement. Second, focusing on achievement results in comprehensible curriculum choices. There is emphasis on core skills of writing, reading, and computations to enhance student opportunities for success. Next is evaluating the progress of the student regularly and being given numerous opportunities for improvement. Most of these 90/90/90 schools carry out an assessment of the students’ progress every week. These assessments are designed and administered by classroom teachers. Fourth, a collaborative scoring of student work where teachers use the student’s real work as the focus of their discussion. The staff feel a sense of ownership over the success of their school and students. Lastly, stressing on non-fiction writing. Informative writing can be used to get better diagnostic information about the students. It also assists the learners to process information in a clearer manner if required to write an answer (Reeves, 2000).
The 90/90/90 practices can be used to enhance success and reduce the equity gap through: schools dedicating time for teacher collaboration, more frequent feedback, dramatic changes in the use of time, action research and mid-course corrections, aligning teacher assignments with teacher preparation, holistic accountability on equity, cross disciplinary integration, and consistent use of common assessments.
Even though Reeve’s findings indicate that 90/90/90 practices result in student achievement, students’ success in these schools has remained ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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90/90/90 Types of School Success Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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