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Students with disabilities in the past were excluded from participating in any mainstream classroom rather than being integrated with publicly supported education programs. Some states have upheld laws…
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Deaf Education Cases The court cases have had a positive impact on the field of Deaf Education. with disabilities in the past were excluded from participating in any mainstream classroom rather than being integrated with publicly supported education programs. Some states have upheld laws that allowed public education facilities to deny extra assistance to the disabled students. These cases among many others have led to the modification of legislation that regard special education for all handicapped children in the US (Walsh, 2014, p.1, L.12-15, C.2). An example is on the ruling the Supreme Courts passed on the Tatro case. The observation is that, even though, the case mainly touched on an issue that clearly benefited the disabled child. The administration system still had ways that made it impossible to attain the extra benefits. From this, it is evident that the laws still need to improve more to empower the disabled students to present better and fight their cases (, 2010, P.1, L. 7-13, C.2).
The actions and laws of the government, the regulations and funding priorities that reflect given attitudes, positions, accepted rules or cultural beliefs are referred to as public policy. They directly factor in how courts make decisions. When lawmakers and tribunals consider whether to pass a law, rule in a certain way or give something priority, they do so because of public policy and they concurrently shape public policy. The courts decisions shape or influence public policies through its rulings or decisions (, 2010, P.1, L. 19- 26, C.3).
Court decisions can have huge policy impacts. Because judges are not policy experts, the judicial ruling policy implications may not be fully appreciated when they are enacted. For example, it can be explained by the fact that since every district law is unique and tailored to the needs of its students. It, therefore, means that some of these laws can affect the courts especially if it comes to the difficulties associated with the learner’s demands or needs. Therefore, the awareness of the judicial over particular policies drives them to disclose, change and improve those systems (UNITED STATES COURTS, 2015, P.1, L.17-20, C. 5).
Walsh, Mark. (2014). School Appeals Declined on Services for Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing Students. School Law. EDUCATION WEEK. Retrieved from: (2010). Brief History of Special Education Court Cases. Special Education & IEP Advisor. Retrieved from  
UNITED STATES COURTS. (2015).Landmark Supreme Court Cases About Teens. Retrieved from: Read More
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