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Diablo Valley College Complex: The Oriental Beauty and Classical Style - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author states that the visit to the Diablo Valley College Campus is refreshing and enticing. One can breathe pure and clear air that kisses the grass which bends with its passing touch. The ambiance in the campus is observation-worthy and inspires. …
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Diablo Valley College Complex: The Oriental Beauty and Classical Style
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Download file to see previous pages You are not tired of accepting within your inner world the charm of the scenic beauty across the borders of the campus dotted with hills and tall trees. Stand below any tree for some time, it seems to transfer positive vibrations to the knowledge seeker. “Be ready to accept and be vigilant to oppose,” this is the signboard prominently displayed at the entrance of the college hostel. I am unable to connect to its true essence, but it sounds interesting.
A cursory glance through the website of the college gives the facts, figures, prospectus, and possibilities for the student’s future. It gives the confidence to challenge the world through the choice of the subject. I was once thinking about completing the degree course online. After this visit, with my interaction with some senior students and members of faculty, I realize the importance of studying in the institutional setting. They think in style and interact brilliantly showing their involvement with student’s aspirations. The limited talk with them gives me a hint of their unlimited knowledge with a message integrated as they lucidly explain the points. They are honest about the shortcomings of the present-day education system and are willing to know from us the methods to improve it that professor gives me an example that will hold well for all occasions and for all time to come. “If there is no perfect discipline, try to learn how to carry on with the available discipline but keep on pushing to the front. Mend your ways wherever necessary. It is easy to criticize, but difficult to be creative.” The Professor also gives a stunning piece of advice, when I mention my career options after completing a college education. He says, “In the real-life college, your mind is your principal. Your initiatives are your professors. Your hard work is your tutors. Education is all about sacrifices of your personal interests that you are willing to make for the sake of society.       ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Diablo Valley College Complex: The Oriental Beauty and Classical Style Admission/Application Essay - 6.
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