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Involving Parents - Assignment Example

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Besides the need for them to work hard and involve the assistance from their teachers, it is also important to include one of the most important stakeholders. These are the…
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Involving Parents
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Download file to see previous pages One of the other important items about this involvement is being able to measure whether the implemented plan has been of any importance in terms of the success attained by students (Chavkin & Williams, 2007).
In the State of Michigan, parental involvement refers to the active engagement of parents in the learning activities of their children. However, it has been revealed that there is a high need to move beyond the involvement of parents to their engagement. The state of Michigan has educators who are among the best in the entire world. It is thus important that the state, schools. School districts and parents are all united to support a common goal. Thus, the following plan towards parent involvement in education will help my school district in developing, assessing and implementing the engagement policies, plans and programs.
Some of the plans that include outreach strategies include activities that are related to home learning, use of resources within the community, as well as policies and actions that support the schools and the district. Therefore, the following is a plan that will help to enhance the involvement of parents. In this plan, teachers and administrators will be required to assess their level of readiness to involve parents and how determined they are to engage and use them.
Definition of the plan: Each of the parents is expected to take part at different levels in the learning activities of his or her child. The involvement of parents will be empowered and encouraged through the application of committees that are in charge of empowering and enabling parents to be involved in the education of their children (Cervone & O’Leary, 2012).
At the closing stages of the second semester, the members of the committee will be in a position to start making the implementation actions as they will be in place. These actions will be as a result of their formation.
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