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Benjamin Franklin - Assignment Example

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He has expertise in a large number of different areas. He was a leading politician, author, scientist, postmaster, political theorist, musician, statesman, inventor, diplomat, civic activist and…
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Benjamin Franklin
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Extract of sample "Benjamin Franklin"

Download file to see previous pages He helped James create pamphlets. He wrote letters under the name of a fictional widow named Dogood. He used to write particularly about how women were being treated. It was an instant hit in the market. And everyone wanted to know the real name of Silence Dogood. During those times, Smallpox was a deadly disease which according to Mr. Benjamin could be cured only by inoculation. But while people liked this idea, they didn’t like the way Mr. Benjamin made fun of clergy. Hence Mr. Benjamin was jailed. After his release from jail, James and Mr. Benjamin had a fight which forced him to run away to Philadelphia (Isaacson, 2003).
One of his main accomplishments during the period was launching of the Library Company in 1731. This led to the birth of first subscription library. He also helped launching of American Philosophy Society, which was the first learned society in America. In 1751 he also formed the Pennsylvania Hospital after recognizing the need to treat the sick people in a better way. He founded Philadelphia’s Union Fire Company to help people from the problem of fire, which was the first in the city. Sometimes individual’s house was damaged by fire leading to irreversible loss. In 1752, he founded the Philadelphia Contribution for Insurance Against Loss by fire (Morse, 2007).
Benjamin Franklin started to take active interest in Politics in 1750s. He even went to England representing Pennsylvania to fight against the Penn family to find out who would control the Colony. During his time abroad, he thought of himself as a loyal Englishman. At that time England had many amenities which Americans lacked. England also had fine theatre, thinkers and witty conversation. Mr. Franklin was surprised to find out strong opposition by Americans against the Stamp Act. He gave testimony in front of Parliament to persuade the members to repeal the Act. Mr. Franklin was growing sick of the large amount of corruption ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Benjamin Franklin Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

... to the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. This essay examines this text in terms of the means that Franklin presents his story as an illustration of self-improvement. One of the prominent ways that Benjamin Franklin explores themes of self-improvement is through his articulation of his own education. As is common knowledge Franklin was largely a self-taught individual. In the first part of his text, Franklin indicates that, “From a child I was fond of reading, and all the little money that came into my hands was ever laid out in books” (Franklin, p. 14). Franklin also indicates specific books he read. While not entirely presented as a path towards self-education, it’s clear that Franklin at least indirectly intends the reader to recognize...
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Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

... through the countless sacrifices. His journey forever remains motivating and encouraging to the almost defeated hearts to give a formidable foundation for smooth path to success. Through his captivating writings, he effortlessly managed to move multitudes that were able to influence reforms that shaped the America today. Work Cited Pine, Woodworth. Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. New York: The Queen and Boden Company Press, 1916.... Task Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Introduction Throughout the journey into the lives of Americas most famous and successful men, the years of Benjamin Franklin never cease to impress. His flight to success through passion and devotion...
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Benjamin Franklin

..., the prototypical renaissance man, Franklin was a prolific inventor, many of whose discoveries and inventions are still in use today. He was also a pure scientist, a politician, a statesman, a writer, activist, political scientist and inventor (Morgan 2003). He helped shape one of the most important countries in modern history, the United States of America, and helped shape its constitution and structure, which still exists today as the longest lived functioning constitution (Isaacson 2003). With all this, it is impossible to list all of his contributions and truly understand what a giant shadow he has cat over the modern world. Benjamin Franklin was possibly the first and last American...
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Discussion Question Benjamin Franklin

... work] Benjamin Franklin: the Self-Made Man and his Views of Ideal Nation Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, is sometimes said to have co-founded the concept of self-made man. By the way he lived his life, he defines the concept in its most expressive terms. Franklin had little formal schooling and was self-educated for the most part. A good deal of Franklin's formative years moulded him into an industrious and frugal person. He was a hard worker, striving much to be helpful to others. In that regard, he created many organizations for the welfare of the common man along themes of equality, opportunity, and patriotism. Franklin made education accessible to the common man as he believed it should...
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Benjamin franklin

The website is published by the Independence Hall Association (IHA) which is a non-profit organization in Philadelphia. All their sites are copyrighted and they give historical details of famous people and facts of history. Through this website they have projected Franklin’s struggles in early life and how he managed to get into the printing business. His endeavor and experiments as a scientist have also been portrayed apart from his interest in politics. He not only served the United States while living there but even for 18 years he lived in England as a colonial representative. This demonstrates his loyalty to his nation. The websites concentrates on the international fame that electricity and lightning brought to...
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Benjamin Franklin 2

...Most of the colonial population in America during the time of Franklin was English speaking and of British origin. They were spread over four regionsnamely, the Plantation South, the Middle Colonies, New England and Frontier. Most came from similar economic and social backgrounds and they were predominantly Protestants. Franklin earned fame as a statesman in trying to resolve the issue with the British colonies. He was sent to England to protest against the influence of the Penns in the government of the colony. Initially he was representing Pennsylvania but later was asked to represent Georgia, New Jersey and Massachusetts as well. In fact Franklin made several visits to England to ease the problems that was being faced due to the British...
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Benjamin Franklin

...of cultural and national pride of the Americans is evident in The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. It is clear that the cultural pride of the nation and its citizens has been so natural in the system that it is found the hardest element in life to live away from. Franklin explains this notion in the work when at the end of discussion on a long list of the desirable qualities of life that can be achieved through practice. Thus, when the Americans are hurt on their cultural pride, the natural outcome of every such attempt has been revolt which has been expressed through the historical events such as those touching the national consciousness and provincial thinking. “In reality, there...
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Benjamin Franklin

... Benjamin Franklin One of the pillars of American history who had been instrumental in contributing various works in an array of endeavors is Benjamin Franklin. He was born on the 17th of January of 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts (Vinci, par.1). He came from a large family with 13 siblings and grew up in Milk Street in a cramped household. Due to financial instability, the family could not afford sending Benjamin to school and opted to make him an apprentice to his brother’s employment as a printer. Unfortunate travails with his brother in the printing shop provided the impetus for Benjamin’s running away in 1723 en route to Philadelphia. Life in Philadelphia was focused mainly on applying his expertise as a printer. It is here where he...
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Benjamin Franklin

...and real examples to prove his point that these so-called ‘uncivilized’ people like Native Americans are indeed very decorous or well-mannered in our own definition of it. Benjamin Franklin aims to point out in his speech that Native Americans have their own ideas of civility, education, work, leisure, communication, and governance. And surprisingly, it seems that their ways are more respectable and civilized, even though quaint, than those claimed by the purportedly civilized world. Benjamin Franklin offered several quite strong and persuasive examples. The first example he gave was the dialogue between the government of Virginia and the Six Nations. The Virginian...
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Benjamin Franklin

... he was at the age of 17 years for being overweight. He was extremely well-built and skinny because he spent most of his time swimming and trying to be more sporty during the last days of his life, and trying to coach other people on the basics of swimming even when he was seventy years old. Franklin was also mocked, dishonored and was ousted from his position as the postmaster general, and was held responsible by the British government for the Boston Tea Party (Clark, 2004). He was also not so good in academic work and he did not do well in academics more so in mathematics that he was scoring very low grades. Benjamin Franklin helped in major contributions and accomplishments in the history of the Unite States. For example, he was one...
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