Foreign Language Education in China and Multilingual Future - Research Paper Example

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This paper argues that this system should be replaced with multilingual education, whereby all minority and major foreign languages are appreciated. The paper further finds that foreign language skills can be acquired through formal structures or technology-mediated learning…
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Foreign Language Education in China and Multilingual Future
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"Foreign Language Education in China and Multilingual Future"

Download file to see previous pages This essay approves that information technology is being infused into face-to-face curricular programs. The concept of computer-assisted language learning is gaining popularity in many parts of the world. In this regard, Chinese can use technology to learn different languages from the comfort of their homes. The foreign language learners can access free tutorials, without the need for published materials. The learners can even access online periodicals to practice reading and learn other foreign cultures. They could even get help from other users in online forums and social media platforms. Most importantly, the learners could learn multiple foreign languages through immersion. This strategy requires the learner to interact with the more experienced users. Through the internet, the learners could trace their progress and improve in deficient areas.
Learners have two options: they could either use their mobile phones or access online courses through computers.
This report makes a conclusion that there is a general perception that English is the perfect choice for intercultural communication and therefore it is universally used for global communication. However, given that three-quarters of the world population is non-English speaking, other languages should too be appreciated. In the Chinese context, the government should consider introducing other foreign language in the curriculum and encourage independent learning among the locals. It is expected that promoting multilingualism in China will provide the residents with better opportunities for advancement and increase global political and economic interdependence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Foreign Language Education in China and Multilingual Future Research Paper.
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