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Descriptive statistics - Assignment Example

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The study will aim at understanding how school counselors use various intervention techniques to promote academic achievement, specifically among the ELL students. In order to better evaluate the intervention techniques, the research will employ hypotheses testing, to determine…
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Descriptive statistics
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Extract of sample "Descriptive statistics"

Download file to see previous pages The study will employ a cross-sectional study where the data will be collected using a well-structured questionnaire administered randomly to both the participating and non-participating ELL students in a bid to compare the academic achievements among both groups. An in-depth interview will be conducted with the school counsellors in a bid to get a deeper understanding of the various interventions techniques implemented.
According to Clark and Creswell (2010) one cannot analyze their data with statistics unless the data have been recorded in a numeric form. The first step therefore will be to assign scores to the different quantitative responses, followed by data entry done using the relevant statistical software or Excel.
The research will examine both the single item scores and the summed scores (Clark & Creswell, 2010) as part of its detailed analysis to address the research question, the descriptive statistics obtained will be summarized in tables. Various outputs from the statistical analysis tools will be included as part of the findings. As per Clark and Creswell (2010) the models will be accompanied by the ANOVA and T-test tables in order to provide detailed statistics relevant in testing the differences between the observed grouped in regards to the academic performance.
The descriptive statistics will be employed due to their convenience in providing informative comparison using the means of each attribute as indicator, the research findings will either be expressed as a percentage or as a mean. The descriptive table will contain the relevant standard deviation for the purposes of showing the extent of variability (Clark & Creswell, 2010). An example of a descriptive table is as shown in the table below: Where it summarizes the mean academic score of ELL students participating in the Interventions and those that don’t.
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Net present value (NPV) takes into account the value of money over time and uses the present value of future cash flows (Lasher, 2008: p. 426). This present value is compared with the initial investment and decision taken on whether the investment is viable over the long term or not. NPV is, therefore, a difference between the present value and the initial investment. If NPV is positive, the project is viable, and if it is negative, the project may be rejected. NPV uses the discount r...
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