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Complete College Design Presentation - Research Paper Example

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Even after graduating from colleges with good and competent degrees, the fact remains that many remain unemployed for long periods of time (Heckers, 2013). The growing technology has enabled managers…
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Complete College Design Presentation
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"Complete College Design Presentation"

Download file to see previous pages According to Gumbel (2012) there are several reasons that lead to unemployment among graduates. First, this can be attributed to lack of networking among the students. Correspondence between students and their seniors helps in integration of ideas and the new interface of what is happening in the field.
In another research, Awosusi (2012) acknowledges that students have been blamed by institution although the fact remains that students and fresh graduates find it difficult to incorporate views and experiences of students and graduates. This therefore requires a good network to achieve a fully fledged correspondence between graduates and the colleges.
According to Weissmann (2012), the transition theory is quite relevant as an intervention of the internship and job placement. These together constitute the developmental theory which requires that participants cope and adjust to various transitions in life. Transition leads to stress in life and there are four ways in which one can adjust to these changes. The four aspects include strategies, self, situation and support. This theory applies to senior students in colleges. Students constantly move in and out of the universities and varied phases in daily lives. It therefore requires that the process many either be anticipated or not.
In this context, Akron University has most of its population of students as commuters. This therefore implies that travelling reduces competence, makes most of the students and it also affects management of emotions. The students in this institution therefore live independent due to distance from parental care. This has made to resolute help from tutors and classmates.
Akron University enrolls all students despite race and culture. It does not limit their intake based on age or gender. The students’ body at the university is thus diverse with mixed cultures and beliefs and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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