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In the paper “Basic English Knowledge” the author describes his experience of studying the course of writing skills. The pace of grammatical mistakes, that he used to make, is now moving towards a declining trend. He is more confident while speaking and writing…
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Basic English Knowledge
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"Basic English Knowledge"

Download file to see previous pages After going through the material, quizzes and other knowledge testing exercises I am now able to pick out my mistakes and rectify them. The idea that I am speaking or writing flawlessly, or with minimal mistakes, gives me confidence, sense of achievement and motivation to continue and improve.
 After completing half of this course, I have gained knowledge on the use of conjunctions, adverbial phrases, prepositional phrases and other grammatical concepts. I am able to distinguish between the concepts and make use of them in different situations. The restricted grammatical knowledge, that I previously had stopped me from explaining things and circumstances. The knowledge that this course has brought to me, has made it easier for me to express my feelings and opinions.
 This course has helped me in making proper tenses. I am able to properly define the time period that I am referring to. I have ample knowledge about the words and phrases that explain verbs and nouns. In addition, the formation of sentences as improved markedly. I am able to distinguish between a requesting, commanding and other nature of sentences. The course has greatly helped me in improving my English reading, writing and speaking skills. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Basic English Knowledge Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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