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What characteristics of ASD - Coursework Example

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Autistic disorder is exemplified by poor social development, improper language development and stringency in behavior (Rosenberg, Westling & McLeskey, 2007)…
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What characteristics of ASD
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Extract of sample "What characteristics of ASD"

Characteristics of ASD What characteristics of ASD do Ayah and Ally display? Ally displays several characteristics of ASD such as
She lacks of attention to complex dimensions of a chore. This can be seen as she participates in the game together with other children.
She has a limited range of interests. She is literally forced by her teacher to join other children in the play (Rosenberg, Westling & McLeskey, 2007).
Ally shows some characteristics of social isolation (Rosenberg, Westling & McLeskey, 2007).
Ally has problems in comprehending her behavior as well as the behavior of the other children she is playing with.
Ayah characteristics of ASD include:
Reduced rates of eye contact or looking directly at others
Shows stereotypical and recurring movements and habits
Has restricted receptive and communication problems
Under which classifications of ASD might the girls be identified?
Ally can be classified under the Autistic disorder while Ayah can be classified to be having the Asperger’s disorder. Autistic disorder is exemplified by poor social development, improper language development and stringency in behavior (Rosenberg, Westling & McLeskey, 2007). Ally displays all these characteristics because first, she is compelled by her teacher to join other children in play. Her language is not fully developed (Rosenberg, Westling & McLeskey, 2007). Ayah has the Asperger’s disorder because she exhibits recurrent patterns of behavior in answering her teacher’s questions. The teacher has to repeat the question a number of times before she gets it right.
How do the teachers respond to each child? Explain why.
The teachers respond differently to the two children. In Ally’s case, the teacher has realized that Ally needs assistance in order to interact with other children during play. She helps her introduce herself to other children and guides her in the course of the play. The teacher has realized the significance of social interaction and that is why she ensures that Ally interacts with other children.
In Ayah’s case, the teacher uses a structured methodology in teaching her. She uses consistent patterns to teach Ayah in her efforts to break her stereotypical and restricted reception. She uses models to improve her communications skills.
Rosenberg, M., Westling, D. & McLeskey, J 2007, Special Education for Today’s Teachers: An introduction, New York: Prentice Hall. Read More
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