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Reading and Questions - Assignment Example

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This where researchers base their case the way they do with a predefined effect of the argument. Existential action research, on the other hand, is the way a person comes to understand the…
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Reading and Questions
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"Reading and Questions"

Download file to see previous pages In his publication, Feldman (2002) pointed out the precise definition of existential reflection. He derived the definition from the goal definitions of the research activity as being the part of authentically moving in a forward direction. It is characterized by making a strong structure of understanding of a teacher in a classroom set up and the illumination of assumptions with regard to an individual as a teacher. Also by clearly expounding light assumptions, hypothesis, theories and even some common myths found in the surrounding systems effecting teaching.
In short, existentialism asserts our existence to have come before essence. This is to mean we first are then later we seek to find a definition of whom we are. Therefore, this existentialism tries to help individuals to realize the freedom they have to choose.
Judging how existential action research is oriented, there exists a close relation to a critical approach to a research that considers critical issues especially when engaging an action. This research action is supported with proper pillars, which makes it a sensible approach.
Some of the critical approach in this research action include; the constant search for ourselves that starts when we realize that we were thrown to existence’ and not particularly sure of when we came, hence; we wake up making discovery of ourselves. After this, the long journey of trying to find a sense the follows.
Also, since action research acts in the confines of the system that the improvement and understanding of such practice situations is to be carried, it involves the researching of one’s own practices and hence makes a critical enquiry to be made public (Feldman, 2002). This explains how hard it is for an existentialist approach to action separate from the way a person acts and who that person is. This is explained in the way a teacher first has to question ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reading and Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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