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24 - Assignment Example

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Eva’s teacher should note down and record the daily observations of the child to avoid being falsely accused of mistreatment. In this case, a helping teacher in the classroom, if any, should serve as an…
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Extract of sample "24"

24 24 In such a case, there are high chances that Eva is being maltreated. Eva’s teacher should down and record the daily observations of the child to avoid being falsely accused of mistreatment. In this case, a helping teacher in the classroom, if any, should serve as an eyewitness. She should have a written plan to fill in the suspected act of child maltreatment where she would include the place of injury, how the parents said it occurred, the general behavior, and appearance of the parents and any signs of neglect towards the child (Marotz, 2011).
Since teachers are the closest people close to children apart from their parents, they should help children to learn and muddle through cases of maltreatment. The teacher should create a good relationship with the child to develop trust. This may make the child to start opening up and express her inner feelings. If it turns out that the child is being abused, the teacher should stay calm and write down all that the child said in the written record plan (Marotz, 2011). The teacher should also teach the child communication and self-defense skills, which will enable the child to know what actions done to him or her are right or wrong. This will also enable the child to rebel, or refuse any kind of mistreatment.
Before making any decisions, the teacher should report her findings to the head of the school of the suspected child abuse, and if not satisfied that the case has not been well handled, she has the right to report to a law firm that is against child maltreatment. She should not have any fear in reporting this, because, the information is kept firmly confidential and most reporting laws will provide security to the teacher just in case the parents or anyone intends to harm her.
Marotz, C. R., Marie, Z. & Rush, J. M. (2011) Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child, Florence: Cengage Learning. Read More
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24 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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