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This paper is the lesson plan on “Leadership - What Type of Leader am I? The lesson plan is a comprehensive discussion of the eight basic types of leadership styles.  It did not, however, specify for what grade level the lesson plan was made or to whom it was designed for…
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Type of Leaders
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Lesson Plan Critique
The lesson plan that will be reviewed is the lesson plan on “Leadership - What Type of Leader am I? (Part 1)[UNTnd]. The lesson plan is a comprehensive discussion of the eight basic types of leadership styles. It did not however specify for what grade level the lesson plan was made or to whom it was designed for.
In general, one can say that the lesson plan is very organized and well-researched. It contains a lot of useful information that will benefit its audience. The plan conveys an extensive understanding of the topic on leadership. The performance and specific objectives are clearly stated at the start of the plan. The objectives are attainable and justifiable.
The lesson plan is appropriately divided into several sections making it very easy to follow. Each activity is described completely. The teacher is given a step-by-step guide. One noticed however that there was no indication of a time frame for each activity suggested.
The format of the lesson plan is written in a form that could easily be understood and read through quickly. One thinks that this is a better format than doing it in a narrative form. The sections on References, Instructional Aids, Materials Needed, Equipment Needed and the Learner Preparation are particularly helpful to the instructor. These sections are indeed appropriate in communicating the content of the lesson.
The Multiple Intelligence Graphics used in the lesson plan is useful provided that the teacher understands clearly what it represents.
The Content Outline is well-done and easy to follow. The lesson plan is logical and very clear. It encourages the students to be critical thinkers and provides them with opportunities to apply the theories they have learned by relating it to the real world. The pop quiz and online leadership assessment attached to the lesson plan will allow the students to express their ideas freely. They will also be able to interpret the information that they just learned. The quiz will promote their reasoning abilities and help them think what kind of leaders they are. Both the quiz and the assessment are adequate closures which will reinforce the learning process. They synthesize the lesson on leadership.
In terms of evaluating the learning outcomes for the lesson, one thinks that there is no clear identified means of assessing the student’s understanding. Although the pop quiz and the leadership assessment may probably help, it is suggested that the plan include a rubric which the teacher may provide the students so that they will know how they will be graded.
Overall, one thinks that the lesson plan is effective in that it gives the student the necessary information they need to know on leadership. The chronology of the activities created for the lesson is noteworthy; though, the completion time per activity should have been specified. The major flaw of the plan is its failure to state the level of students it was designed for. This makes it difficult for one to objectively judge the appropriateness of the plan to the audience to whom it was intended for.
On the whole, one thinks that this plan can be used for a class on leadership provided that the above-stated minor revisions are adapted.
UNTnd: , (UNT in partnership with TEA, n.d.), Read More
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