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Safe Schools and Emergency Actions - Assignment Example

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The reporter asks the question 'Have students prepared and ready to make an emergency phone call or run to the office in case there is an emergency?' He states that first aid care should only be administered to the child if it is going to save the child’s life. Teachers should use necessary judgment and administer help to the child when it will benefit the child…
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Safe Schools and Emergency Actions
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Extract of sample "Safe Schools and Emergency Actions"

1. Have prepared and ready to make an emergency phone call or run to the office in case there is an emergency. 2. First aid care should onlybe administered to the child if it is going to save the child’s life. Teachers should use necessary judgment and administer help to the child when it will benefit the child.
3. No prescription or over the counter medicine shall ever be administered by a teacher. This type of medication is only to be given by a school nurse. If a child is allergic to specific substances, then the teacher needs to be aware and protect the child from an allergic reaction.
4. Rules regarding special studies activities need to be taught to the students on the first day of class. The rules need to be visible for all students and recited several times throughout the course.
5. Field trips need to be accompanied by one or more adult for every ten students that are in the class. No teacher shall attend a field trip without another parent supervisor.
6. Classrooms need to be kept tidy. Walking areas need to be clear and there needs to be an area for the students to keep his or her belongings. Shop and lab classroom settings require students and teacher to wear well fitted clothing to avoid knocking things over or getting caught.
7. Students must use proper eyewear and have eyewear available when needed.
8. Flammable materials and alcohol burners need to be used with care and under close supervision. Candles and other hot items need to be used under extreme caution.
9. Teachers are required to have a fully equipped first aid kit and the kit is to be purchased by the teacher with the teachers own funds.
10. Examples of emergency situations need to be posted where everyone can see. Students and teachers need to be knowledgeable of what to do in an accident situation.
11. An ABC type fire extinguisher needs to be up to date and accessible in each classroom in case of an emergency.
12. Waste that cannot be thrown in a regular trash bag must be disposed of properly and abide by the schools code of conduct for disposing of the substance.
13. All cupboards, drawers, and cabinets in the classroom need to be labeled with proper labels to ensure the ease of use.
14. Never is it acceptable for students to taste any substance created or used unless the substance has first been approved.
15. Dangerous substances such as animals, plants, chemicals or items that can be sued as a weapon are allowed to be accessed by the students. These items should be prohibited.
16. Dead animals are not allowed in the classroom or allowed to be handled by the students unless instructed.
17. Animals and other live creatures need to be handled by students with extreme caution. Students must wash after handling any animals to prevent the spreading of diseases that some animals may carry.
18. Student need to be seated in an area where large items will not be over the students heads. This prevents injury from a heavy falling object.
19. Climbing is prohibited to avoid the chance of a student falling and obtaining an injury.
20. Objects that are sharp and easily broken are not to be within reach of students. These objects should be kept in a locked area.
21. Student’s physical activity needs to be monitored so students do not push their bodies to the limit of exhaustion.
22. The teacher is to never leave students unattended and left alone without supervision no matter what the circumstances.
23. Any electrical equipment that is in the classroom must be inspected to ensure that shock from electricity does not happen.
24. Electrical circuits that may be unable to handle use need to be inspected by a maintenance worker and it is important for electrical circuits to not become overloaded.
25. Any electrical units must be switched to the off position and then unplugged to make sure they cannot accidently be used or left on.
26. Do not disturb any electrical cords or components in a classroom while the cords or components are plugged into an electrical outlet.
27. When hands or body is near water or wet in any way, it is important to stay away from any electrical cords and not use them.
28. Electrical cords need to be handled with caution. Cords should not be wrapped and tangled.
29. Magnets are prohibited from being located near any computers or similar electrical devices.
30. Mechanical equipment that contains moving parts is to be used with caution and students must be a safe distance away to avoid injury.
31. Human bodily fluids are to never be used in a classroom ever. Read More
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(Safe Schools and Emergency Actions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Safe Schools and Emergency Actions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Safe Schools and Emergency Actions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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