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The Curriculum and Instruction Case Analysis - Assignment Example

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A school is the foundation ground that propels an individual towards an envisaged goal or mission in life. It not only teaches a person right from scratch, but also instils in him the ability to interact and live in society, which is primarily teaching him the very way of life!…
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The Curriculum and Instruction Case Analysis
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"The Curriculum and Instruction Case Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages The Principal is far more than the physical head of a school or a person with abundance of knowledge. He is also the role model and a great leader cum visionary, who propels his entire family of teachers and students towards success.
In today's world of extreme competition and marketing strategies to attain that sharp edge over the others, Principals, as the head of the institution have a greater role to play. It includes living up to the expected standard of the school, while also catering to the current demands of the market; all this while obliging and adhering to the rules and guidelines prescribed by statutory bodies and boards of education in the area concerned.
The case study on GATE is one such example of the number of responsibilities and decision-making abilities that must be realised by the Principal. Assuming that I am the Principal of Monet Middle School located at La Solana, I would deal with the problem, in a tactful and with a more open perspective and outlook. Since the issue deals not only with the educational point of view, but with a broader issue like heterogeneous ethnic backgrounds and the pressure to categorise students, it needs great amount of confidence and strength to chalk out a pathway to satisfy a large number of the people involved, take great care not to hurt the sentiments of the diverse population, and yet adhere to principles and codes of conduct.

The case study says that the school has about 23% of the students attaining their education through the Voluntary Ethnic Enrolment Program
(VEEP), about 53% of the students consisted of those qualifying for the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program and about 5% of the students have been recognised as those with special needs that requires them to attend the Special Education Program. With such diversified population, it is indeed an uphill task to bring and bind all of them together. The Tracking System that segregated the students was initially implemented in the school and then, it was done away with great difficulty but with immense conviction. It brought about great changes for the better and also raised the normal standard of education and results. Most importantly, it bridged the gap between students emerging from various backgrounds and with different levels of intellectual quotients.

As the Principal, I am now faced with a challenge---the school board has passed an ordinance that calls for the implementation of the tracking syste ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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