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Lifelong Learning - Book Report/Review Example

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It is undeniable that lifelong learning has given way to raising aspirations. The council-conducted research on participating men students is reported in the article that shows their masculine identities in contradictory, traditional, and aspiratory lights…
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Lifelong Learning Book Report/Review
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Extract of sample "Lifelong Learning"

Download file to see previous pages Article has shown how various, multifaceted aspirations have found their way into the lifelong learning arena by creating hopes and dreams for the participators.

Article says that social class is multiple, ever-evolving and argues that classed and gendered identifications are discursively constituted depending on how the discourses shape the aspirations through gendered power relations and identifications. The cultural practices and customs colour the worldview, complex social relations, and hierarchies among men. While going through educational process, men assume various masculine identities on different occasions and these identities could be traced to biographical, cultural, emotional and discursive originalities.

Through 38 men candidates from diverse backgrounds, women interviewers have gone through educational memories, histories and experience. Two categories one of home students doing university degrees and another, participators of Access to Higher Education Course and while they are all British, most had foreign origin. Result showed that candidates from disadvantaged background had raising aspirations through education, hope of social inclusion, while the second group also possessed talent and special skills. The high level of aspiration has always been prodded by racialised worldview, sometimes aggressively heterosexual. A mixture of parental hopes, middle class values, dependence on the 'ideal good mother', who might have been the single most important influence for life, and also seeking motherly approval. Sometimes the interviewers drew out complex and contradictory masculine aspirations that are at loggerheads with the expected idea of masculinity and its power. The interview distinctly shows that there are grades and shades of masculine power among the learners. No doubt, their aspirations are masculine, stemming from their masculine achievability and psychologically supported by the gendered winning streak. But the achievement proclamations of men are very constantly mixed with their desire for support by the mother figure and winning its approval. The article rightly shows the combination of masculinity with the right amount of childish, almost feminine pure emotions, which downplays the vigorous masculine power.

Article shows another side of human nature too. Most of these men could not achieve their dreams earlier due to some reason or other and have adapted lifelong learning. This does not mean that all were deprived or disadvantaged, because some of them might have chosen this as their path. The importance of lifelong learning shows as a firm alternative to earlier loss or as an answer to a late realisation of needing more/another education to fulfil a certain dream. The object of lifelong learning comes across as facilitator of dreams, or a ready path that could be adapted any time.


Article shows the importance of lifelong learning as a positive force for which sacrifices of employment, enormous time, great funding need not be made. It is an encouraging article, but solely to men. While it is not wrong when it says that lifelong learning has encouraged aspirations, it is giving only a gendered view from masculine standpoint. Mention of women comes only in the form of two interviewers, although it is tough to understand why females should interview and in what way their genders could contribute to the knowledge. This remains unexplained despite having made ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lifelong Learning Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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