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The essay “Why Have I Chosen This Country and This School?” argues the applicant's choice of quality training programs and living in the country with a high standard, and the prospect to apply new skills to develop his business in the retail industry or financial services in the homeland. …
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Why Have I Chosen This Country and This School
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Motivation Essay I have always been motivated to accumulate new knowledge and gain experience that would enhance me in both professional and personalareas. Since my school years, I have evaluated my career by the criteria of learning and growth, contribution to the future and realization of personal talents. Following that persuasion, I am applying to MY CHOSEN SCHOOL for the program of International Business, where I expect to learn International Business and develop my skills in an intellectually challenging environment.
My major motivation in studying International Business in MY CHOSEN COUNTRY is connected with my endeavor to pursue my career in Business on an international scale. Though I already possess some knowledge in International Business, I feel that my education is incomplete without strong international experience. I realize that due to contemporary processes of globalization and internationalization of world economies, businesses now require highly qualified managers with international background and intercultural skills. My work at ONE OF THE COMPANIES I WORKED IN assisted me in realization of the need to acquire knowledge on an international arena. As I observe the operations that are carried out within our company, I understand how important a marketing, human resources, or customer service can be. The interplay between all departments within an organization is a key to success, and knowledgeable negotiations with foreign contractors are determinants of efficiency. I am convinced that the program of International Business at MY CHOSEN SCHOOL will assist me in reaching communication and intercultural skills that I require to be competitive in contemporary business environment. At the meantime, I am positive to add the value to the program by sharing my knowledge and experience with students from a range of countries and backgrounds. My Financial educational background along with the knowledge of both English and French (NAME LANGUAGES THAT YOU KNOW) will ease communication with most of the students. And my interests in sports will help to become an active participant of MY CHOSEN SCHOOL sport life.
I have chosen MY CHOSEN COUNTRY to pursue my studies on an international scale because it is the country that combines good quality of business education and high standards of living. Subsequently, this country provides excellent conditions of education that I would like to have when studying at MY CHOSEN SCHOOL. Besides MY CHOSEN COUNTRIE'S companies have a leading role in a range of industries while the economy of France is well-known on international scene. In MY CHOSEN COUNTRY I could get valuable educational and professional experience as well as to improve my knowledge of LOCAL LANGUAGE.
When speaking of my post-program goals, it is needed to say that upon graduation, I aim to continue developing my management skills while working in one of top companies in MY CHOSEN COUNTRY. During my next few years in the workplace, I want to continue to push myself forward as I learn and grow as a business leader and a s a person. Later on, I want to return to my country and to set a company there.
I wish to invest in my country through doing business internationally. That might be the industry of retail and consumer products or global financial services and will depend from the needs of the Ukrainian market by that time. Frankly, these are just few options I can pinpoint now - and I am sure that many more will become apparent during my CHOSEN SCHOOL experience.
I hope that the knowledge I gained at the university and my true ambitions to be chosen for the International Business program would make me an excellent candidature for CERAM Sophia Antipolis. Given an opportunity, I hope to complete successfully my chosen program of study, and, upon my return to Ukraine, apply and share knowledge and experience I would gain through your program. Read More
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