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Why I Wish to Attend Virginia Commonwealth University - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the essay “Why I Wish to Attend Virginia Commonwealth University” the author is thinking about attending a university in this country. After looking at the programs offered at Virginia Commonwealth University, he is strongly convinced that it is the right university for him to study…
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Why I Wish to Attend Virginia Commonwealth University
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Extract of sample "Why I Wish to Attend Virginia Commonwealth University"

The security standard in this school, as well as its proximity to my home, is all an added advantage. Emergency telephones across the campus give me a sense of security. It's difficult to study in an insecure environment. I wish to make a name for myself self and I am convinced that Virginia Commonwealth University will help me achieve this dream. The university's international student population would also give me the privilege to study in a culturally diverse environment. That means I will study the cultures of different peoples without having to travel out of this country.
After talking to a representative who came to my school to inform me about VCU, my intentions were clear and I 'm ready to attend VCU. He clearly brought out the advantages of studying at VCU compared with the other universities. They were just enormous. And the difference was absolutely clear. I just saw my dream university in VCU.
I also spent much time visiting the web page, as well as reading about VCU in career and university publications. I wanted to get an independent viewpoint from a source of than the school itself. And I must admit that I was excited to see that independent viewpoints echoed the same things I found at the school's web page.
The feedback I get from my teachers and friends is that I am a hardworking and straightforward student. And I want to keep that up. I am also an open-minded and dynamic person, ready to learn new things in life and adapt to changes. That makes me feel very qualified to study at Virginia Commonwealth University. I express my opinions without reservation, and I have learned to accept opinions and viewpoints contrary to my own.
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(Why I Wish to Attend Virginia Commonwealth University Admission/Application Essay, n.d.)
Why I Wish to Attend Virginia Commonwealth University Admission/Application Essay.
(Why I Wish to Attend Virginia Commonwealth University Admission/Application Essay)
Why I Wish to Attend Virginia Commonwealth University Admission/Application Essay.
“Why I Wish to Attend Virginia Commonwealth University Admission/Application Essay”.
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