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To live - Movie Review Example

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: To Live by Zhang Yimou In the film, the reintroduction of the "I"-philosophy for the current Chinese cultural life, there is satisfaction of the collective unconscious in expressing itself as well as compensating the various sets of conscious attitudes which people have adopted in modernizing China…
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To live
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Extract of sample "To live"

Download file to see previous pages Further down, embedding the systems into Taoism is the primordial vision for life bound towards the recurrenceof the compensatory adjustmentsof such conscious attitudes irrespective of their kind. Though the tragedies befalling Fu-gui appear to be as a result of chance, they are a symbol of the failure of reconciling human experience with morality. This is coupled with the failure of recognizing the collective unconsciousness. Therefore, the elements that stayalive within the film, huozhe, are not simply the biological hero and heroine lives, but the "archaic remnants" of the psychic life and the images and associations which are analogous to various primitive ideas, rites, and mythwhich try to continue re-establishing an equilibrium through restoration of the images and emotions to express a state of unconscious. Evidently, Zhang is a commendable film­maker who seeks to keepalive the forgotten instincts’ language and is also a popular myth-maker who trends towards the Chinese to again understand life based on how best to imagine up to its distant past. The film’s viewer is led to see bias, prejudice as well as psychic malaise of the 20thCentury immediately he is taken through the rites and symbols through which life was perceived and lived within the ancient Asia andChina. The precarious life of Fu-gui's is icon-graphically related to that of Sakyamuni. He is born son of the petty king who is also brought up through a relatively luxurious and abandoned life, his young son and wife at the age of 29 and attains enlightenment close to six years after extreme self-mortification. Basically, the events within To Live indicate the Noble Truths across Indian Buddhism. First, life is seen to be permeated through suffering and dissatisfaction and the origin of suffering is attached to a craving. Further, the cessation of suffering as depicted in the film is based on the cessation of the craving. All persons in the film are visited by suffering and pain due to the need to keep on hoping for their bitter disillusionment to be a condition for enlightenment as well as a possibility of turning into an individual of self-knowledge. What is striking within the film ‘To Live’is the perception of life across the twentieth-century Chinese who are accustomed to discarding and ignoring the culture to be "archaic" and "old" The film proceeds to validate traditional worldviews which are held in contempt based on the earlier iconoclast and radical intellectuals. Such reversal is only attained through utter failure of Fu­gui in comprehending the changes taking through as seen in communist revolution. The experience of Fu-gui makes the viewer on the other hand more aware of the atrocities and indignities which the Chinese population have endured andcommitted, and of the simple and narrow ways the state has interpreted history. The social progress narrative is parodied and satirized as a dream while Fu-gui makes prophesies for the grandson, Man-tou, and son, You-qin, who, on a number of occasions request him to make predictions of their future. The happens within the Civil War as well as the land reform processes in the 1940s, the 1950s Great Leap Forward andthe socialist collectivization coupled with the Cultural Revolution lasting to 1976 from 1966, could have been "progress" a number of them but not for Fu-gui as they were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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