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Instructional Development Skills and Competencies for Post-Secondary Faculty-Designers Developing Online Courses Name: Institution: CHAPTER TWO: ADVANCING THE SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE BASE Introduction Online education offers convince and flexibility than the conventional classroom education…
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Chapter two and three
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Download file to see previous pages Several literatures exist on growth and development online education (Carroll and Burke, 2011) but there is limited study on the skills and competence of the faculty designers. Development and use of information and communication technology has brought significant changes in education sector especially distance and online education (Arinto, 2013). Uptake of Online courses has also been on increase due to its flexibility and convenience. However there exist a gap between course content development and delivery of the course content to the students, interaction of the involved students and use of technology. According the National Center for Educational Statistics, Universities and other higher institution offering has been on the rise (Carroll and Burke, 2011). Since 1990s education institutions have been taking advantage of development in use of internet and technology to supply their students with course materials in traditional face to face mode of learning as well as online courses. Students are also embracing the use of technology (Carroll and Burke, 2011). In the initial stages of online education involved only the course materials but this has changed over time and therefore the need for effective online education programmes. Recognizing the basic skills and competencies required for the faculty designers to develop online courses, including best practices and distinguishing features, could help to improve the quality of such courses. The online education practices ranging from use of technology, competence of the lectures, course materials and communication tools affects the outcome of the courses in different ways (Lee, Dickerson and Winslow, 2012). Instructional design theory will help in development of online education programmes that satisfy the needs of the students with references to psychological principles for student focused education system by American Psychological Association (APA). The competence of the tutors and course designers as well as best practices will ensure that the online education programmes meet the needs of the students as well as job market. Growth and development of online courses Uptake of online courses has been on increase since 1990s due to development of information and communication technology which is integrated with online application to ensure effective delivery of quality learning material and interaction of the lectures and concern student as well as other student across different geographical location. The teachers and the students through electronic media which in some cases is real time rather that meeting in conventional classrooms (Suarez-Brown at el, 2012). The online courses are flexible and accessible across the globe but they are faced with several challenges since the students interacts with the lectures in delivering the course content, delivering the tests and assignment, evaluation of students personal attributes and communication skills. Online courses allow the students to study while still on employment or internship which is a requirement for most courses thus providing a excellent opportunity for the students and the lecturers. The increase in the number of higher learning institutions offering online courses can be associated with its flexibility and accessibility, high success rate of online student compared to conventional classroom students and extensive marketing of online course to different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chapter Two and Three Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words.
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