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A parental booklet/ Information for parents/carers - Autistic Spectrum disorder (ASD) - Assignment Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) What is autism? Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are developmental disabilities that affect an individual’s communication capabilities, how they perceive the world around them and their behavioural performance…
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A parental booklet/ Information for parents/carers - Autistic Spectrum disorder (ASD)
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Extract of sample "A parental booklet/ Information for parents/carers - Autistic Spectrum disorder (ASD)"

Download file to see previous pages These include: how the individual perceives the world; how they process information and how they relate to other people around them – social communication and social interaction. Individuals with Asperger Syndrome can have an aptitude that is either average or above average. That is the main reason why they have less challenges with regard to speech. It should be noted that Asperger Syndrome is hard to detect and distinguish in an individual. How can autism and Asperger syndrome be differentiated? Both syndromes are constituents of ASDs. As a result, they can be confused based on some of the common characteristics that they share. Distinctions between the two include: On set age: This refers to the age when the diagnosis is made. Autism can be detected as early as when the child starts growing up and/ or starts going to school. However, Asperger syndrome is noticed later on in the child’s or individual’s life; that is when they start to have a social life and interactions. Asperger syndrome causes challenges in three aspects which are commonly referred to as “triad of impairments”. These include: social communication, social interaction and social imagination while autism affects an individual’s cognitive development (understanding what is being talked about, understanding feelings, making decisions etc) as well as their communication abilities – they could also encounter a delay in language development. What causes Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)? The causes of ASDs have not yet being solemnly established. However, professionals perceive that ASDs could be caused by a number of causes. Some of these causes include: physical factors which may cause damage to optimal brain development of the individual; genetics where the individual can inherit from their parents multiple autistic genes; environmental factors such as being subjected to some metals – an example is mercury; toxins that could be existent in some vaccinations. According to an autism research that was conducted back in the 1930’s, the results revealed that every child who had developed autism then, had a parent who was in contact with mercury at one point in their lives; this lead to the development of an autistic gene that was later on passed to the child. Another study also suggested that autism in small children could be caused by some vaccinations which contain traces of mercury. The argument behind this ideology questioned the need of some vaccinations that are given to small children. The study projected that vaccinations “stimulate” the immune system. For the case of small children, there was no need to “stimulate” their immune system since it had not fully developed. Therefore, these vaccinations would become toxins and would lead to autoimmune responses towards the brains’ nerve fibres that would result to autism in small children. What are the signs and characteristics of ASDs? ASDs have a variety of signs and characteristics; however, these vary from one child to another. They include: Social skills challenges - Children with ASDs tend to have challenges with regard to their social skills. A child may: avoid eye contact; prefer playing alone; only interact when they are in need else they will not; lack the capability to express themselves as well as understand the feelings of other people around them. Communication challenges - There are different types of communication challenges that may occur to a child with ASD. Some children may not develop language skills at all, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Parental Booklet/ Information for parents/Carers - Autistic Spectrum Assignment.
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