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Prevention against African American Male Drop outs in high school - Research Paper Example

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 This document is meant to determine the problems associated with school drop outs with respect to the African American boy child. The African American boys are greatly affected with this event since they are found to be the most affected with dropping out of school…
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Prevention against African American Male Drop outs in high school
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Download file to see previous pages Education, therefore, remains an important tool by which many persons become empowered and the social, economic and private well-being of the people in particular country increases. A high rate of drop-outs in a country decreases the number of qualified citizens from varied backgrounds who eventually enter the political and professional ranks that make significant public policy decisions. Educating students and equipping them to become responsible, knowledgeable, socially skilled and contributing citizens should be a mission for every school. The fact that very many students never complete their high school studies has a deep and a broad impact on the long-term economic goals of U.S. The education department in U.S, the NCES (National Center for education statistics) states that the central income of people of ages eighteen to sixty-seven who had not finished high school was estimated around twenty-five thousand in 2009. Currently, a significant section of the same population is believed to remain in poverty while a global scale of competitiveness of the American struggle lags behind.A certain percentage of the number of students enrolled in private or public high schools in a particular year demonstrate this. For example, four percent of the total number of students enrolled in high school both in public and private school in the year 2008 left school before their second year was completed. An equivalent number of students drop out of school before the completion of their high school course....
There was not a significant difference on the year 2009 event for the rates of drop outs for both females and males. With respect to age, twenty to twenty four years aged students are more affected than the fifteen to seventeen aged students. A big question lies on the event of school drop outs with respect to why a greater percentage is made for the African American students. Although dropping out from school has been a disaster which strikes many students indiscriminatevely, the African American students are found to be greatly absorbed in the ruin. This poses a question which seeks to find out WHY or to determine the reasons behind this issue of school drop outs. This document is meant to determine the problems associated with school drop outs with respect to the African American boy child. The African American boys are greatly affected with this event since they are found to be the most affected with dropping out of school. According to researches, there are some associated reasons behind the problem of dropping out from school in America. This has been determined by carrying out many researches relevant to the problem. The research has been conducted through the use of certain qualitative and quantitative research methods. On the quantitative analysis, the paper describes the expected number of school drop outs in America. This includes carrying out an estimated or actual numbers of the school dropouts with respect to the race, color and age. As it has been depicted earlier, there are some varied percentages of the students who drop out of school in America. This has been analyzed with accordance to race and age. Broken down by race, the rates of the estimated event drop outs were recorded ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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