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Observance of Religious Holidays - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that religious holidays have grown in number with the increase in population and increase in the number of religions. The legal issues involved in the aspect of observance of religious holidays suggest that there should be equivalent outlook of respect towards all the religions. …
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Observance of Religious Holidays
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Extract of sample "Observance of Religious Holidays"

Download file to see previous pages Research Problem The research problem is, “Study the history of observance of religious holidays. Explore the pros and cons of observing religious holidays, the policies of the schools and educational institutions, the legal issues involved and the steps taken by the administrators in observing religious holidays”. Literature review According to the pages of history, United Sates which was a land of few religions in 1776 developed into a country that professes countless religious beliefs throughout the nation. The children reading in the schools and colleges, staffs working in the offices are of different religions and vary largely from each other. The observance of religious holidays has thus turned into an area of concern for the college and the society. There are various pros and cons related to the observance of religious holidays. The observance of religious holidays is a sentimental issue and is dealt with sensitivity towards the people of different religions. The religious holidays observed by the different religions are creating a situation of conflict and confusion (American Academy of Religion, 2013). The increase in the number of religions leads to the increase in the number of religious holidays which is a point of concern as it poses a problem in the daily work of the schools and in the process of public education. The only way to bring a common solution to the problem of observing religious holidays in schools is to undertake a discussion that takes into account the points of similarity and differences in all the religions. The school must undertake policies to show respect to all the religions and display a...
This paper approves that the increase in the number of holidays leads to the loss of working days which impacts the delivery of academic curriculum. Apart from this, the grant of excusal requests by the students and parents for absence on religious occasions is difficult to deny as this might create discontent among a section of the population. The teachings on the ideas of different religions and the observance and understanding of the respect shown to the religious ideas and beliefs could create misimpression and biased behavior among a certain segment of the students and the teachers.
This report makes a conclusion that the schools and the institutions determine the policies on the observance of the religious holidays which is in line with the legal regulations in the field. The policies of the school endorse secular attitude with equal importance and respect to all the religions. The administrators play an important role in executing the policies. The administrator is responsible to conduct a survey on religious sentiments of the population and display sensitivity in dealing with the religious idea and beliefs. The inclusion of the religious learning and observance of religious holidays in the academic curriculum helps in development of understanding of the culture and history of the land. The observance of religious holidays is also done in a manner that it do not interfere the main goal of academic process in the schools. Thus observance of religious holidays in a tactical manner helps in maintaining a healthy learning environment and fosters the growth of education process in the schools and the institutions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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