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Must young learners need teachers with a bachelor degree or not at all - Research Paper Example

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Must young learners need teachers with a bachelor degree or not at all? This is subject of this debate. At the outset, it should be emphasized that there are two forms of education: formal and informal. The distinction and complementation of these two thus needs to be elaborated…
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Must young learners need teachers with a bachelor degree or not at all
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Extract of sample "Must young learners need teachers with a bachelor degree or not at all"

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Formal education requires that teachers should have at least a bachelor degree of education and must have passed the teachers licensure examination before they could be considered qualified to pursue the career of teaching. They may also improve their qualification by embarking on master and doctorate degree to possess high competence and skills in classroom administration and instruction

Compared to previous system of education, modern teachers are required to be multidisciplinary in knowledge to ensure that they are able to impart full knowledge to their learners and the latter will acquire understanding and high capacity for retention of theories which they could use for critical relation with mundane and divine realities (University of California Commission on General Education, 2007). All educational institution sets standard for teachers to ensure that they are delivering quality education to the public and that they possessed core competencies on academic subjects (, 2013). Informal education on the other hand is not quite defined in its standards but this has been historically and philosophically developed through olden primary schools where children can be taught in an informal approach. This is done through creative ways such as excursion, painting or drawing, and mostly about reflecting on empirical experiences. Informal way of education simply requires “spontaneity, flexibility, naturalness, interests, sense of freedom, and self-expression. (, 2013, p. 1).” For primary learners who are yet at the new phase of learning process, teachers can be those who have attained certain level of education, though may not be certified yet, but is practicing such “broad and balance teaching through alternative pedagogic alternatives that is driven for conversion processes (, 2013, p. 1).” Who are the important people? In formal and informal education, the pivotal parties in the learning processes are the teachers, the learners, the school administrators, the local government and its agency on education, and the community, including parents The teachers are of course those professional and non-professional instructors leading the learning processes that are maybe transpiring within and outside the classroom. The learners are those that are formally enrolled in school with the interest of improving their knowledge base for their personal growth and to fulfil their dreams in life. The school administrators are essential part of the educational process because they are concern about administration of educational institution, the improvement of their human resources (teachers and staff), and are concern in attaining quality standard of educative processes, such as ensuring that classroom instruction are done in accordance to required curriculum, approaches or methods, and in accordance to the policies set by the Department of Education (University of California Commission on General Education, 2007). The government is also a stakeholder of education. They are responsible in formulating and implementing policies to ensure that quality education are maintained and offered by the schools for young learners and that resources are allocated for the fulfilment of the state’s vision on education and production of skilled and quality human resources (University of California Commission on General Education, 2007). The state could also intervene on some policy issues and infrastructural developments for public schools to address the fundamental needs to deliver that form of education that will not leave any child behind (University of Ca ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I had an issue with a research paper types of works. All until I came across this website and this particular paper. Even though "Must young learners need teachers with a bachelor degree or not at all? " is far from my studies, the structure is so great that I use it all the time as an example for my own works.

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