Protecting the Environment: Training in Environmental Law in Indonesia - Assignment Example

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Within the last fifty years, more than 9o% of total coral reefs in Indonesia has been destroyed being a product of unsustainable management and destructive activities like over-fishing, terrestrial pollution, sedimentation and coral mining. …
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Protecting the Environment: Training in Environmental Law in Indonesia
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"Protecting the Environment: Training in Environmental Law in Indonesia"

Download file to see previous pages The Indonesian mangrove fore’s, which initially covered more than 3.7 million hectares of land in Indonesia back in 1993, has been reduced to 1.5 million hectares according to a report released in 2005. This shows that there has been a 59% decrease in the total mangrove covered land in duration of less than twelve years.
Reasons for training on Environmental Law
The main reason why the seminar on protecting the environment and training in environmental law was a way of promoting the Public Information Disclosure Act (PIDA) and other regulations that are related to environmental management which are mandated to regulate people’s rights to information on the environment.
Secondly, the training was meant to promote Indonesia’s government information to the people/public. It was more formal to give this information to both environmentalists and people from different fields as a way to disseminate information pertaining to environmental conservation and the risks involved in environmental destruction (Pevato, 2003).
Another reason was to give a strong foundation to the community on realization of the benefits that come with access to information about the environment and ways to advocate and utilize the quality of the environment.
The training would promote better policy and bring regulatory changes in relation to water and air pollution control by the use of environmental information which is found under a program called STRIPE.
The training was a preparation for an avenue to discuss the indicators and questions that zoom in many peoples’ minds relating to issues of environmental concern. This would give the participants a one on one dialogue where they would seek clarification in areas they feel not explained exhaustively. Through training the delegates regarding to water and other pollution, and different ways of controlling the pollution, for instance in coal power plant and pulp industry (Pevato, 2003). They would then be taught in different ways of avoiding such pollution through the use other better ways that are environmentally friendly. Global education is an education that is usually concerned with matters that are related to human being’s survival in the world as a global village. International studies are a branch of the broad global education where global education shows how human beings interdepend and the fate they all share regardless of the nation where they live. Many learners have continuously confused between global education and multicultural studies. Multicultural education specializes in the study of diverse ethnic groups within some geographic boundaries, such as a nation. Each year, individual human issues grow to become global issues as human seek to be employed, use and abuse air, acquire resources, change ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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