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RECIDIVISM/What are the possible social contributors for offnder to become repeatoffender What impact if any does recidivism ha - Research Paper Example

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Recidivism Name:  Institution:       Abstract Recidivism denotes the act of repeating a pattern of behavior or act that is undesirable, especially criminal offences. The rate of recidivism as of 2003 stood at 53% and 39% for arrested males and females respectively…
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RECIDIVISM/What are the possible social contributors for offnder to become repeatoffender What impact if any does recidivism ha
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Extract of sample "RECIDIVISM/What are the possible social contributors for offnder to become repeatoffender What impact if any does recidivism ha"

Download file to see previous pages This is important because the focus on incarceration as punishment has shown diminishing benefits on the currently imprisoned individuals. Therefore, focus should be directed towards what happens within prisons and not just incarcerating convicts for the sake of punishing them. Recidivism Introduction Recidivism denotes the act of repeating a pattern of behavior that is often undesirable after experiencing negative consequences as a result of the same act or behavioral pattern or after receiving training aimed at extinguishing the behavior (National Institute of Justice, 2013). The term recidivism is drawn from the Latin term recidivus, which means “recurring”. The term is also narrowly used under the correctional realm to denote the percentage of former inmates that get rearrested after a certain period of time on new offenses (Elam, 2008). According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2013), recidivism is a measure of how many criminal acts resulted in a return to prison, reconviction or re-arrest with or without a new sentence within a timeframe of three years following a prisoner’s release. The effect of recidivism on former inmates is a common topic of discussion, and in many cases it is believed that most prisoners may find themselves where they started-in incarceration (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2003). ...
The U.S has so much focused on the front end of the correctional system by incarcerating criminals for correctional purposes, but it has forgotten the tail end of this system that churns out released prisoners who are vulnerable of repeating the vicious cycle. The system has little focus on preventing former prisoners from the likelihood of re-offense, and thus the high levels of recidivism rates. This is a significant challenge because at least 95% of inmates will be finally released into the society at some point (Noren, 2013). Social Contributors to Recidivism According to Christy (2003), one national study showed that 7 out of 10 released male inmates were rearrested within a three year period and half of them would be back to prison. According to this study, this rate of recidivism is a result of situational and personal characteristics, which define how well the individual is able to reintegrate into society. The whole situation depends on the individual, family, peers, the social environment and the state policies (Christy, 2003). Correctional observers have for long not given priority to the fact that released prisoners who re-enter society face numerous challenges, which would predictably lead them back to prison. Prisoners are often stripped off their civil rights and reluctantly reabsorbed into society, and this leads to further isolation and alienation, which drives them back into crime. This largely results from the feelings of rejection among family and the society at large (Kristen, 2009). Released prisoners often find it challenging to acquire a job, get an education or rent an apartment. Many private employers are often hesitant when it comes to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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RECIDIVISM/What Are the Possible Social Contributors for Offnder to Research Paper.
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