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How to Do Scientific Research - Term Paper Example

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The author of the following term paper "How to Do Scientific Research" primarily highlights that scientific research is a structured methodological approach in the application of scientific methods to answer questions and prove conclusions…
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How to Do Scientific Research
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Extract of sample "How to Do Scientific Research"

Download file to see previous pages Scientific research allows us to make sense of how things work and why some things look or act the way they do. Scientific research has allowed our advancement as human species in this world. It enabled our superiority and survival among other organisms that inhabit the planet. Through scientific methods of inquiries, observations, experimentations, data analyses and continuous approaches of data verifications, several answers to essential survival needs have been known and developed further for mass benefits. This includes scientific breakthroughs in medicine, human anatomy, diseases, ecology, astronomy, society and various phenomenon relating to humanity and our survival in our environment. It is to be noted that scientific research does not provide absolute answers to questions (Ori 2012). It instead provides answers based on the current knowledge acquired and recent evidence from what is present. That is why asking the right questions and formulating a sensible hypothesis from current sources of information, are critical to advance our existing knowledge. The solutions that we have right now, the technologies we are enjoying and the existence of rich data sources are the product of all the efforts of scientific research in the past. There are more cures to sicknesses right now because researchers from the past have already discovered these solutions. The sophisticated technologies we are using in computers and network systems are the result of the development of information technologies and facets of circuitries, with applications of social sciences and human response mechanisms. It generally means that the questions that have been asked before have been answered in this generation. Thus, whatever questions and challenges we have in our present time, these will be important on how the future will be shaped. The accumulation of knowledge and its by-products continuously happen, and more discoveries are being known. These are the driving mechanisms on the advancements that are yet to occur in the time to come. Conducting scientific research in the light of scientific methods is critical to the validity of results. The validity of conclusions is important to be proven. Ideas can be accepted or rejected based on adherence to scientific standards and measures. This information process or scientific system helps provide consistency on how data are acquired and collected. If proven valid and accepted, the discovery can be adapted as a scientific paradigm that could be used as a sound reference of science. In here, it could be supporting other already existing paradigms that then bring to the unification of ideas, and therefore establish our understanding of that scientific matter. If this is achieved, the system could be used in the application of product development or systems design. This is when solutions are created or developed, and innovations that improve what we currently have are appreciated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How to Do Scientific Research Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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