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M - Assignment Example

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VIGNETTE Table of Contents The Chosen “M”- The Vignette 3 Reason for Choosing the Vignette 3 Mode of Use of the Vignette 4 Sample of Collected Data 4 The Vignette- Teaching Arabic 5 References 8 The Chosen “M”- The Vignette My choice is the vignette…
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Extract of sample "M"

Download file to see previous pages It may also refer, it seems to instances that are out of the box or the mold of what I would normally expect in such events or circumstances. Reason for Choosing the Vignette I find from my experience teaching Arabic that the daily circumstances of that has yielded a lot of surprising twists and turns, especially when it comes to how my students actually react to the lessons, and to the way their attitudes and energy for the class seem so different from my expectations, but in a positive way. Their reactions sometimes get me thinking about just how much Arabic can mean to students, and just how the teaching has also taught me a lot. Far from being a monotonous chore, teaching Arabic is a daily source of surprise and insight for me. As such, it seems to me the vignette is the best way to represent these everyday startling things. Also, I have had this startling exchange with some students in my mind that I wanted to share. It seems from the texts the vignette is the best way to capture these exchanges. The vignette is essentially story-telling, and I do have this story to tell, one of many actually. The vignette is supposed to capture the essence of something that strikes me, and this indeed is what I want to convey. There is something striking about what really motivates some of my students to study Arabic intently. It is not for the reasons that I thought they had. Moreover, from where I am coming from, it is the opposite of what I expected from students coming from a wealthy country. The vignette is the perfect vehicle to transmit this sense of being surprised that things are not what they seem as far as my students are concerned and what motivates them. Mode of Use of the Vignette The text prescribes a way to go about writing and sharing experiences via the form of the vignette. This paper follows that prescription in a series of steps. The mode of use is the application of the instructions to narrate some classroom exchanges between me and my students. The focus is on the reasons that students choose to apply themselves very hard in order to learn Arabic. The vignette is sued to be able to bring out the insights into the motivations of the students. The texts describe vignette-writing as a process with specific elements. The important thing here is that this current paper made use of the commentary feature of the vignette, so that I may share my insights into the surprising responses of my students regarding what motivates them to learn Arabic and attend my class. Sample of Collected Data This exercise made use of data collected from responses to the questions on motivation that were administered to members of another class. For this I was able to get the good cooperation of the teacher of the other class, Qassem. The objective was to gauge what motivated the members of that other class to study Arabic. I then compared their responses to the questions on motivation with my own observations in my class. The Vignette- Teaching Arabic My vignette is a story that I want to share relating to some interesting experiences during my time teaching Arabic as secondary language for Americans and immigrants of Arabian descent. This has been the focus of my action research so far, and I find it to be a very fulfilling experience. Everyday I learn something new and surprising. Moreover, I can see a little of myself and my struggles in the struggles of my own students learning Arabic. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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