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Social System and The Laws of the Fifth Discipline - Research Paper Example

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Education Research paper Name: Institution: Education Research Paper A. Describe a situation in education where social and technological systems collided when new technology or methods were introduced. Education has encountered several changes in the past, and it is evident that technology stands out in all these changes…
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Social System and The Laws of the Fifth Discipline
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Extract of sample "Social System and The Laws of the Fifth Discipline"

Download file to see previous pages Computers formulate the basis of changes in the education system and the process actually began after their invention, especially in schools. Currently, many students including those in K-12 use sophisticated machines, in their studies. These technological advancements have introduced more sophisticated technology like the I-pad. However, it is important to note that serious implications have been evident. For instance, the learning environment keeps struggling to embrace the social implications created by speed and globalization (Brown & Diguid, 2000). Deliberate change of culture is deeply required for any learning organization. It needs to be adjusted to fit into the perceptions held by students. This would ensure that compatibility and relevance is achieved for the student’s benefits. Apparently, culture and technology collide because students only change their mode of communicating other than their mode of thinking. Computers promote this kind of change in any learning institution and, thus, cultural considerations need to be supported. This would be helpful in the process of abandoning old skills and instincts in favor of new ones. The technological change, thus, has been influential in creating a conflict that needs to be addressed adequately. Flattening previous formal issues requires that matters should be addressed on a wider scope, as observed by Senge (1990). Technology through computers in schools supported the application of emails and other methods that completely eliminated the round-table form of learning. This forced students to only learn in twos as opposed to group learning. In other words, the social sphere was neglected; thus, difficulties were evident (Brown & Diguid, 2000). Learning institutions that fail to embrace the spirit of the community in terms of cultivated thoughts are set to be left behind (Seely, 2003). B. Examine how the social system pushed back in the situation described above. The social system pushed back, and the process is still evident in contemporary settings. There is every need to develop software that addresses the entire social system in the issue. Simply put, the social system has been fighting back in terms of forcing the education system to embrace social software. It is, however, evident that the most appropriate social software has not been discovered over the years. Conference calls and blogs have been a huge step in the entire issue, but they have not fully addressed the social demands. The collision between social systems and the technological advancements is fostered by some form of ignorance by the responsible organizations (Brown & Diguid, 2000). Presence awareness technologies and other tools needed in tracing, analyzing, and cruising through the social systems are greatly required. This will ensure that the roundtable option of learning that was used in the past also applies today through technology. The adoption of speed and globalization has certainly surpassed the importance of past systems and something must be done for the process to remain relevant. A. Of all the topics covered in chapter 4 (see the two Attachments) discuss which one(s) are the most prevalent in today's educational community. Provide a rationale for your selection. Contemporary educational atmosphere portray several laws discussed by Senge in the Fifth Discipline. Apparently, some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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