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Educational Philosophy - Research Paper Example

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My Educational Philosophy Name In my opinion, education more than any other profession, impacts significantly on the entire scope of human interests and existence. I hold the view that the profession of education provides the mechanics upon which other fields of human knowledge operate…
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Educational Philosophy Research Paper
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Extract of sample "Educational Philosophy"

Download file to see previous pages In my opinion, this transformation requires a systematic and organized development of the individual’s cognitive abilities as reflected in the acquisition of knowledge and skills in a manner that is consistent with the needs of the individuals and the society. On this score, it might be argued that education provides the compass that determines the destiny of both man and society. According to some educational philosophers, the precise value of education could be seen in clearer light from the imagination of a life without it. A barbaric society that lacks any organized system of education will ultimately push itself on the precipice of extinction. I think this is because such a society will lack an organized system that supplies and controls the development of knowledge and skills necessary for its own survival. The knowledge and skills that are supplied, developed, and organized within the profession of education are resourceful in management of the economic, social, and political systems of the society. In this sense, it might be emphasized that the entire welfare of the society hinges on the profession of education (Matthews, 2005). In my consideration, this point brings out the utilitarian aspect of education as understood within the framework of skills and knowledge development. It lies within the profession of education to harness, organize, and disseminate knowledge and skills that are necessary for the general survival and progress of the society. Education does not occur in a spontaneous manner. It grows in sequence and in a longitudinal order, which entails the aspect of progress. It is also important to consider the value of education in terms of the combined effects of its impacts on the various disciplines that form the block of knowledge. An important consideration of the value of the education profession lies in the training of teachers. Teachers are the backbones that determine the manner in which knowledge and skills are developed and disseminated to the general society. My approach to my learners would be consistent with the philosophy that knowledge is a participatory process. In line with this philosophy, I would seek ways that would harmonize relationships between my learners and me. I would wish to be regarded more as a partner in the learning process rather than an authoritative instructor. The classroom should not be a space for the transfer of authority from the teacher to the student but rather a conducive atmosphere that allows for the free flow of information from various sources (Hille, 2011; Marca, 2010). I would adopt an easy and relaxed approach, which would encourage the students to participate freely in the learning process. My goal would be to develop confidence in my students. Only by gaining their confidence will it be easy to condition their minds into the freedom of thought that is necessary in the general process of knowledge development. Studies have established that the development of the cognitive abilities of the students is largely dependent on the kind of learning atmosphere. The studies have argued that the creation of an appropriate mental atmosphere lies with the teacher. In the course of learning, teachers should strive to create atmospheres that the kind of environment that fosters the flourishing of interpersonal communication. This kind of communication should take place between the learners and the teacher and amongst the students. Studies ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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