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Discussions Replies Education - Coursework Example

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Week 8 discussion replies Respond your classmates’ replies about the following question within the existing document there is no need to create another document. Your posts should comment on the subject and then push the topic further by either introducing a new idea or asking a question somehow…
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Discussions Replies Education Coursework
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Extract of sample "Discussions Replies Education"

Download file to see previous pages Defend your choice. 1. Posted: by: Margarett   Both art and culture have been the significant parts of earlier centuries. If we explore the association between arts and culture that existed in the 20th century, we come to know that there had been a close connection between them. For example, artists of the 20th century represented the overall culture of that century through their artworks. 20th century is known as the beginning of today’s era of modernism. The artists of the 20th century greatly revealed the elements of modernism, expressionism, and abstractions in their artworks. Moreover, the artists of the late 20thcentury also revealed through their artworks the need for change and peace that people wanted after the two big events of war that occurred in the first half of the century. In my view, the artist who best represented the social and cultural trends of his time period through his artworks was Pablo Picasso. He was a Spanish painter and sculptor who reinvented the foundations of art in the 20th century through including the shadow of ongoing movements and overall environment in his artworks. My Response: Taking it a step further, it seems to me that the artists of the early 20th century were increasingly aware of the progression of art. What I mean is, the artists, although sometimes separated by continents appeared to be more aware and cognizant of what other artists were working on, what inspired them, the evolution of art during this time took much more rapid steps than say art a hundred years before. Obviously the industrial age and the beginning of the technological revolution had something to do with that – but one can’t help but wonder if art and culture were not even more closely connected with the artists of the 20th century than it had ever been before. 2. Posted by: Andrea   Picasso is a great example. His art is so very different than the art of his predecessors.  In a sense, artists like him were taking big risks, departing from the norm! Class, what do you think it was that gave people the impetus to begin taking bigger risks in terms of art and music during this time?  My Response: Andrea, good point - Picasso definitely departed from the norm! However, art in the early 20th century was all about deviating from the norm and creating new ways of expression. Whereas art in past centuries had been more about gradually adopting new styles and mimicking the masters, art of the 20th century evolved at such a rapid and break neck pace that artists seemed to be doing all possible to express their own tastes and differentiate themselves. This collective attitude is what proved 20th century art to be so diverse and varied in such a short time scale. 3. Posted: by: Dawna The other century ushered a new way of thinking into the art world.  With the world still recovering from the atrocities of WWI, many artists reflected this in their style.  A new form of art was starting, the ism movement.  Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism, and German Expressionism.  Pablo Picasso of course, was a huge figure in this movement, with his extreme style and use of colors.  Many people that were used to more traditional art found his style and type of art disturbing and confusing.  I feel the one artist that encapsulates the time though would have to be Ernest Hemingway.  His point of view writing styles of WWI and help express the feelings after the war and the feeling of loss that many felt. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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