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Education Assessment in Practice - Research Paper Example

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Explain how you could apply ongoing assessment in your current (or future) roles as an educator to improve the classroom experience of your students. There are several keys to quality classroom assessment which, if adapted, can make an assessment very successful in achieving its purposes…
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Education Assessment in Practice
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Download file to see previous pages In my application of the ongoing assessments in my role as an educator I have decided to ensure that I meet all the five dimensions of a good and quality classroom assessment. In my role as an educator, I plan to explore different technologies available for assessment in assessing my students. This technology and instruments will be helping me to design an assessment that can attempt to reveal what my students are thinking. Various technologies that I am planning to adapt to help me with the assessments are in place. Some of these technologies are use of a response device designed to work with multiple-choice and true-false questions, use of group scribbles, and the use of a network-graphing calculator. I am also planning to be evaluating my applications of this assessment tools to ensure a continued improvement in the way I will be assessing my students. I will be using the simple response device designed to work in multiple-choice and true-false questions with information about my students. If this kind of device is carefully designed and used in a meaningful way, it is believed that answers obtained to these types of questions can give information that can be used to assess students and suggest on the measure that need to be taken to improve their learning (USDE, 2012). I will be posing multiple-choice questions to my class, ask my students to use response devices to answer the questions and then have them discuss those questions with their peers who have different answers. My main objective to using this kind of assessment will be trying to raise the levels of engagement of my students in the learning process. Another type of technology that I am planning to be applying in my assessment as an educator is the use of Group Scribbles. According to USED (2012), this is a more sophisticated system that supports peer instruction by capturing complex responses from students. This could allow my student to contribute in classroom discussions using the enhanced chances that the technology offers. If I plan to explain how an idea can be applied, I will be asking groups of my students to explain different ways in which this idea can be applied and share their explanations by placing them on a white board. This will ensure that my students learn by explaining their work to other students and through the feedbacks they receive or provide. I also plan to be using rubrics to express what is expected of them in any kind of assessment I decide to give them. This rubrics will be helping my student to understand how quality is judged in the different undertakings they are assigned to undertake in different fields they are working in. I could also use the rubrics to give assessment scores and ratings that will always be demonstrating the measure they are intended to measure and which will always ensure consistency no matter who is selected to mark the assessments. This will ensure that my students obtain the fairest assessment available thus motivating them to enhance their learning. Discuss which element of formative assessment is the most difficult to get right away According to Iron (2007), the four elements of a formative assessment are goals which are clear to students; the feedback which measures the student’s current learning state; formative feedback which can be used as a means for closing the gap between the student’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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