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The Ellis Study Review - Assignment Example

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Study Review on ‘The Ellis Study’ Name University Professor Course Date Study Review on ‘The Ellis Study’ A. Study Goals, Research Questions, Methods and Findings The Ellis Study focused on the academic approach in learning social sciences that do not adhere to the traditional way…
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The Ellis Study Review
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Download file to see previous pages Afterwards, the post-positivist, constructivist, interpretivist, and critical inquiry perspectives given by various scholars would be compared with the personal analysis of Carolyn Ellis with regards to her article. The story was about the death of the sibling of Ellis from a plane crash. Using ethnographic, literature writing, autobiographical and sociological, the author wanted the audience to experience what the author experienced through the reading. The story started with the family background of the author wherein she told about the humble beginnings of their family as her parents were manual laborers until they started a construction business that became popular in Virginia. She then shared some details about her siblings Art, Judy and Rex (Ellis, 2005, p. 250). Afterwards she focused on narrating her closeness with her brother Rex regarding how they quarreled and cared for each other (Ellis, 2005, p. 251). Tragedy then came in 1982 when Rex was killed in a plane crash as he planned to visit his sister in Florida. He died at the age of 29. Before the accident, they talked about going to Washington as the author fixed the gifts for their parents. Rex even joked around as he bragged about his sister being a professor to his friends (Ellis, 2005, p. 252). Ellis was then shocked when her elder brother Art called and asked about the plane crash headlined on the news. At first, they thought it was another airplane, but it was really the flight where Rex was included (Ellis, 2005, p. 253). The siblings then asked the airline about the plane accident and they also watched the news to know about the rescued survivors. Ellis was then supported by her partner Gene with his daughter Beth (Ellis, 2005, p. 254). They waited for the confirmation as they still expect Rex to be one of the survivors (Ellis, 2005, p. 255).at three in the morning, a confirmatory phone call occurred as Rex was declared to be dead. The siblings then went to the house of their parents where they conducted the funeral of Rex (Ellis, 2005, p. 256). When the coffin and body of Rex was brought to the house, the mother of the author collapsed and stayed in the hospital as Art and the author stayed in the funeral to cater the needs of hundreds of visitors (Ellis, 2005, p. 257). The friends of Rex then arranged a party to commemorate him. Despite of the efforts to put a happy atmosphere, still seriousness overwhelmed the people in the party for the lost of Rex. Afterwards the family went to the room of Rex and got some of his mementos and even saw a dildo that they jokingly said to be the ones used by Rex to tickle his girlfriends. Art then planned to sell the stuffs of Rex in an auction. Then the author visited their mother at the hospital who did not want to go home as she felt safe in the hospital. With that, the author reenacted in her mind how Rex met his death (Ellis, 2005, p. 258). The author then met Rex in her dream and told him that he is already dead. After that dream, she did not dream of Rex again. The use of fiction or story in analyzing social science is a good way to project how experimental ethnography can effectively tackle a particular topic filled with emotions for a powerful understanding (Ellis, 2005, p. 259). Traditionally, social sciences had tackled various topics objectively wherein the scientists are just observers and they are not part of the picture. The article written by the author went against the traditional form as she made use of her own ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Ellis Study Review Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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