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Audit of School Community Resources and Supports - Assignment Example

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Audit of School Community Resources and Supports Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Audit of School Community Resources and Supports Introduction Social relations play an important role in enhancing optimal performance of educational institutions. Undoubtedly, schools require various resources to run their activities with ease…
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Audit of School Community Resources and Supports
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"Audit of School Community Resources and Supports"

Download file to see previous pages This makes the school administration to document the resources that it has and identify the gaps and weaknesses. Using this information, it can devise viable ways through which it can source for important resources. It is against this background that this paper provides an audit of the school in light of the community services and supports. To ensure a coherent consideration, it analyses the relative strengths and gaps in a bid to underscore the extent of these inconsistencies to the performance of the school and improvement of student behavior. Activities Conducted During the Audit The researcher spoke to about 50 individuals to determine the type of resources and support systems that were in place as well as their importance to the school. This also sought to determine the resources that were missing and what would be done to ensure that they are sourced. Further, the researcher interviewed the students to determine the manner in which they benefit from the available resources. The interviews were aimed at establishing whether the students are comfortable with the available resources and what they think should be done to improve performance. The researcher then spoke with the key stakeholders in the industry and specifically, those that were directly involved in the support system. These ranged from the school administrators such as the superintendants, teachers, chief academic officers, parents and a host of other education officials. Further, the researcher conducted a survey of the fifth grade students to determine whether they feel both physically and emotionally supported, safe, challenged or connected. Underlying efforts in this regard were also geared towards underscoring the nature of the learning environment and to what extent it encourages, inhibits or and supports social responsibility. Finally, the researcher reviewed the reports that had been previously made regarding the current support systems, their impacts on the behavioral wellbeing of the students as well as their contribution to the academic performance of the students. The preceding activities had insightful views about the state of the support system and its contribution and influence on the overall performance of the students. They identified the support systems and services currently available and those that are missing. Most importantly, the findings underscored the strengths and weaknesses of each. At this point, it is worth noting that the preceding information is vitally important. Essentially, Scott and Hunter (2001) assert that it would act as a basement upon which critical decisions would be made. In particular, it would be important to positively emphasize the strength and eliminate or discourage the weaknesses. This way, the support systems and services would yield desirable outcomes. Critique of Strengths and Gaps One of the strengths that the institution has pertains to the active parent involvement in the education of the students. In this regard, the parents are well informed about their roles in the learning process. They attend all the meetings that are geared towards addressing the challenges that the students face. In addition, there is a cordial relationship between the teachers and the parents. In this respect, Lawson and Sailor (2000) assert that active involvement of the parent in the life of the student enables the former to understand the challenges being faced by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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