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C.M. Charles Chapter Reviews - Book Report/Review Example

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Name Subject Date Chapter Reviews In the tenth edition of building classroom discipline by C.M Charles, the authors have re-conceptualized the book to emphasis on teacher, student cooperation so as a way of promoting and maintaining an enjoyable, safe and above all productive classroom…
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C.M. Charles Chapter Reviews
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Download file to see previous pages These models are a collection from the past six decades or so depicted in a realistic manner. Chapter 7, 8 and 9 are written by different author but their ideas have been endorsed by Professor C.M Charles to ensure accuracy and applicability of their models. Chapter 7: Discipline through Active Student Involvement In this chapter the author examines various ways to establish discipline in the classroom by incorporating the student’s participation and contribution. Fred Jones in this chapter he analyses problems such as time wasting by students, passivity in classrooms, aimlessness, helpless hand raising, ineffective nagging. He attributes indiscipline to be enhanced by these factors. He then went on to offer his preferred solution to these problems. To be specific the author looked at classroom arrangement, he proposed a spacious classroom with wide walkways. The class also had to have some sort of legislation whereby there are rules, division of responsibilities and a general routine. In relation to real life situations the author is more or less proposing a democracy as a way to achieve discipline. The democracy system has been used all over the world to run countries as large as the U.S.A and so far so good. The second aspect of this book is how to make this ‘democracy’ work. ...
Secondly they should strictly follow procedures set up, even those suggested by the students for instance giving of incentives. Finally they should play their role of helping students especially when they are performing independent tasks. The teachers are also advised to use proper body language to relate with the students. For instance eye contact, facial expressions as opposed to methods like nagging and shouting which have been found to aggravate. In terms of teaching, a see, say, do approach is proposed, the teacher introduces a new concept and immediately gives an activity that requires the students to apply it that way they will increase chances of mastering it. How to incorporate this to management plans; the ideas in this chapter are a reflection of a formal management structure where the structures roles and relationships though managed by a defined authority are agreed upon by all as opposed to an informal management structure where there are undefined structures rules and roles. A look at this structures shows that they are more advantageous to have a formal structure as opposed to informal ones which are prone to arguments and divisions. Chapter 8: Discipline through Pragmatic Classroom Management Good procedures are a sure way of heightening student’s good behavior. Having a schedule that helps one plan the day’s lessons, activities and how they shall be carried out reduces chaos and confusion. How then does one make good procedures? This chapter suggests that one should have a routine for the activities that they intend to carry out, give this routine to the students in list form or whatever appropriate method and ensure that they follow it. The Wong’s suggest that the teacher demonstrate to the students the intended procedure, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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