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The Importance of Teaching Culture with the Language - Research Paper Example

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Abstract This paper is concerned with the integration and the contribution of the teaching of culture into the foreign language classroom. Nevertheless, considerations will be given as to why the teaching of culture must be integrated and how will it be done effectively…
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The Importance of Teaching Culture with the Language
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Download file to see previous pages The main point of the paper is that effective communication does not deal only with language proficiency and that in enhancing and enriching communicative competence, cultural aspects can also lead and contribute to the respect toward different cultures around the globe. Introduction Several components comprise the learning of foreign language such as grammatical competence, communicative competence, language proficiency, and considerations of attitudes with regard to one’s culture. Scholarly, knowledge about customs, beliefs, and culture of other countries are indisputably considered as an integral part of foreign language learning, and teachers who are teaching language have seen the importance of including the teaching of culture into the foreign language curriculum. Foreign language learning is also considered foreign culture learning and thus, culture has been taught in the foreign language classroom. However, debates arises on the issue of what the culture meant and how can it be integrated into the language learning and teaching. In language learning, culture is not a separate subject to learn along with the studies and learning about speaking, listening, reading, and writing but rather it is always in the background and considers as the secondary factor in learning the language skills. This paper has also the aim to disentangle issues, shedding some light about the role of teaching culture, as well development and understanding the importance why this has to be incorporated in language teaching. Furthermore, communications are requiring understanding and to be able to come up with understanding, it requires being in the shoes of foreign culture. What is culture and why should it be taught? It is important to scrutinize the relationship between language and culture and why is it important to study the culture along with the studies of language as an integral part of the English language curriculum. Language is considered as a social institution, playing an important role in the society, it is influential between and among the people at large. It must be understood among the people of any nation that language is a cultural practice, aside from the fact that it is considered as a part of the culture itself. Nevertheless, if language is considered as a a cultural practice and a part of the culture it self, undeniably, it is relevant to say that it would just be proper to study culture in relation to language. Language never claims to be independent construct but it is considered as a social practice brought about by the society structures and forces of social institutions where in we lived in. Language and culture interpenetrate, which means that language cannot exist alone like in a vacuum because there is a big connection between the two (Webster, J. 2008). The existence of language cannot be separated from culture, it is passed and inherited from the past practices and beliefs and determines the quality and consistencies of the lives of the people. It is considered as an explanation to the cultural past of certain society and a guide to social reality (Salzman, P. 1998). The interdependence of language and culture is well manifested in the daily lives. Children speak and master their mother tongue through making and using hypothesis under the circumstances where it can be used, and by learning probabilities. Children, during the process of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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