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Student-Teacher relationships: A study on the effects of perceptions of relationships - Dissertation Example

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Chapter 4 Research Design 4.1. Introduction In adopting mixed methodology in order to secure both the primary and secondary data for the research, the study has been able to capitalize on the strength of both quantitative research and qualitative research (Brewer and Hunter, 1989; Morse 2003)…
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Student-Teacher relationships: A study on the effects of perceptions of relationships
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Extract of sample "Student-Teacher relationships: A study on the effects of perceptions of relationships"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, it creates a chance for a more rounded understanding of the issues of the research (Bazeley, 1999). In this chapter, focus on the research design of the research will be undertaken. This is crucial for the research on the premise that it acts as the logic of the inquiry (Yin, 1989). In effect, research design ensures that the collected evidences will answer the issues and questions of the study and that the entire research enterprise is not just a mere collection of evidences but it is a purposive endeavor, addressing both the dominant paradigm and alternative views of the phenomenon understudy. In the following sections of this chapter, the research design adopted in this study will be explained. Likewise, the rationale behind the research design, data, and the analysis used in the research will be given. In addition, details of the research design will also be provided. As such, an explanation and justification of the research design utilized in the study is made clear. 4.2. Research Design This figure shows the structure and flow of the research design used in the conduct of the study. Research aims, objectives, and questions are developed from the literature review. The literature review gives the current trends, debates, discourses, and analysis of the experts on the field. At the same time, it provides the conceptual analysis that is necessary in order to clarify concepts in the research questions that contribute to the ambiguousness or vagueness of some of the concepts used in the study. Moreover, in the literature review, documentary analysis will already be undertaken. Documentary analysis is not just mere collection of written materials (Scott 2006) relevant to the topic students’ perception of their relationship with their teacher. Conversely, documentary analysis pertains to the elucidation of the issues of the research using scholarly written materials relevant to the topic of the study (Ahmed 2010). In this regard, the literature review serves as the guide in the stipulation and creation of the research aims, objectives, and questions, and at the same time, it acts as one of the evidences highlighting critical concepts and thematic links connecting the insights and understandings of the issues of the research. Correspondingly, the research aims, objectives, and questions serve as the signpost of the research design. This is because the research design is the logic of the inquiry (Yin 1989). Thus, there is a direct link between research design and research objectives, aims and questions. Moreover, as the question primarily deals with students’ perception of their relationship with their teachers, it points to the supposition that the unit of analysis involved in the study is individual students. Furthermore, the research is both exploratory and explanatory (Creswell 2006). Exploratory because it seeks to understand the phenomenon pertaining to students perception of their relationship with their teachers by the addressing the question why are students’ perception as such. At the same time, it is also explanatory since it also seeks to answer the question how come they have that perception. In this regard, there are four elements covered by the primary question of the research and these are academic performance, schoolwork, future careers, and personal self-worth of the student. This is where the research is innovative. This is maintained on the supposition t ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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