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ESL journal reviews - Book Report/Review Example

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ESL Journal Reviews Part A ESL Journal This is a journal that is intended for students and teachers of ESL, that is intended to increase classroom writing skills. It also is intended to provide a discussion forum for teachers and ESL professionals. It also has the stated purpose of offering a platform for the expression of teaching concepts and research…
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ESL journal reviews
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Download file to see previous pages The site also states that it is focused on peer review articles, and has been used in intermediate and advanced writing courses. It envisions having an entire course migrate to the web, with students composing their work on line and using the web to give comments to one another. The Internet TESL Journal This is a journal of the Internet. It has the focus on providing articles, but also it features research papers, lesson plans, classroom handouts, teaching ideas and links. It publishes articles dated from 1995 to 2010. It also provides resources for teachers to can look at the published articles on teaching techniques and other things that are of interest to EFL and ESL teachers. It has 230 articles and research papers, 310 articles on teaching techniques, and 190 lesson plans. Some of the activities that it provides for students includes grammar quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, crossword puzzles, bilingual quizzes, and, also, students may write their own quiz. The projects that it offers are conversation questions, classroom games, and jokes. Asian EFL Journal This is a monthly journal that presents theories, methods, materials, research and information that is related to language acquisition and learning. The journal has a featured thesis and featured teaching article every month as well. For instance, this month, the journal has a featured thesis that focuses on triadic interaction, which is the action between teachers, learners and the audio-visual. The featured teaching article is about how teachers view the appropriateness and feasibility of the CLT in Pakistan. This study looks at the views of experienced English teachers about how appropriate communicative approaches are in our classrooms. The journal further has book reviews, gives information about conferences, and has a section which is dedicated to further education, which currently has information regarding the TESOL Certification, and how to obtain this certification. Part B Drama Questioning Techniques Purpose and Research Questions/Hypothesis The purpose was to ascertain how drama and questioning techniques can help verbal communicative skills. The authors state that, since English is the lingua franca in the globalized world, and Thai students, who are the focus of this study, have especially poor English skills, teachers need to find a way to reach these students and improve their English skills. The research questions were 1) “To what extent can drama and questioning techniques enhance students’ speaking achievement? And 2) “What are students’ attitudes towards English instruction employing the integration of drama and questioning techniques?” (p. 6). Underlying Theory/Model/Principle The theory was that using drama and questioning techniques aids in teaching speakers English through oral interaction and active experience. Each of these aspects are crucial in learning a new language. In each of the four steps, which are explained below, facilitated different forms of interactions – in the first step, for instance, students interacted with the peers and teachers to exchange opinions, and in the second step, the students interacted with one another in their character roles. Moreover, the students were required to use different modalities in the English language – ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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