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Higher Education in Crisis: Whither the University - Assignment Example

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This paper will discuss what the university is for and what higher education is for. It shall discuss the role of the intellectual in the 21st century, including the issues and challenges associated with mass higher education. It shall also consider the apparent globalization of western management education…
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Higher Education in Crisis: Whither the University
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Download file to see previous pages From the Kantian point of view, attending universities is considered a duty, a means of gaining a strong position in society, and a common right which must be gained (McBride, 2006). It is also considered a means of gaining entry into an elite society, a major possibility for those graduating from ivy-league universities. Author Tennyson was said to have gained entry into society by attending Cambridge; living in the Cambridge undergraduate community was not enough to gain him the important rite of passage into elite society (McBride, 2006). The course enrolled or studied in the university is given more credence almost as much as where one is enrolled. Most of the time, a person’s acceptance into accepted society is based on where one has finished his course. A community college in a small US city is not the same as an ivy-league university (Hayton and Paczuska, 2002). Most students and graduates tend to associate their peer groupings based on where their friends graduate from, as well as what college traditions they follow or even what sports teams they support. Universities in this case serve a social purpose for students and their graduates. It helps them access specific exclusive societies, and for those with political ambition, it gives them an opportunity to brush shoulders with interest groups, political movers, and lobbyists (Jarvis, 2006). When universities are considered a means of gaining entry into certain areas of society, the apprenticeship gained in a certain company cannot compare with university education. In effect, while apprenticeships can be considered as a means of gaining technical knowledge in certain tasks; universities can be the means of...
This paper analyzes the idea of universities which have also been dominated by western mentality and these ideas have represented various opposing thoughts on these schools with some implications of tension in the liberal education of informed citizens – that there is a contradiction in free thought within the university setting.
According to the essay based on the above discussion higher education is still a relevant academic and labour market element. However, its relevance is waning because of its failure to respond to the needs of the labour market. Nevertheless, adjustments are quickly being made by universities to improve their responsiveness to the labour market. It is still important to note however, that their responsiveness to the labour market is impacting negatively on other disciplines and on research in general, causing support for research to be reduced and for other weak disciplines to be gradually phased out. This dilemma has created a less diverse labour and professional market, one which may be focused only on the sciences and on the richly funded fields of discipline. The relevance of the university is now based on how it can adjust to the needs of the labour market, but its sustainability would also be based on its ability to retain its scholarly nature.
This paper approves that there is no qualm for higher education institutions to review the costs linked with fields of disciplines which are not crucial to their profile or those which do not perform comparatively well with other fields. The option for these universities is to support their performance in the strong areas and to redistribute funding to the weaker areas, either working on these weaknesses or closing them down. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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