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Problems In Financing Education - Assignment Example

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The current recessionary trends and the general atmosphere of doom and gloom in the USA have affected each and every sphere of the economy including education. The paper "Problems In Financing Education" discusses different strategies to solve problems of lack of financing for education…
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Problems In Financing Education
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Extract of sample "Problems In Financing Education"

Download file to see previous pages A preliminary analysis of the breakup of 2000 students based on past records show that the bulk of the students need make-up coaching in Math- there are two sections with a seating of 1400 students, comprising 70 percent of the total 2000 students. As compared to this, there is just one section each for Reading English and Writing English respectively and that in turn comprises 10 and 20 percent of student total. At the moment the teachers are not paid any additional amount for these classes. Meanwhile, you have just been informed that there has been a 10 percent cut in funding and must find ways to deal with this new reality.
My first strategy would be to increase revenues for these classes by charging additional amounts for the use of school facilities like the basketball court, swimming pool, the computer lab and the science laboratory. This would form a broad base for earning additional amounts and moreover could be implemented for the long term without many negative effects. Using facilities such as the pool, the science lab, and the basketball court could be made optional but the use of the computer lab would be fundamental for all disciplines. A letter written to all parents stating the inevitability of these measures would have to be prepared, stating the additional amounts to be charged and expected date of implementation. It would also be mentioned that a lot of private schools have adopted this policy in the past, out of sheer necessity and in order to keep up with the rising costs of education.
Strategy 2
My second strategy would be to hire part-time faculty comprising of retired English and Math teachers and professors from the local community to take these classes, aided by the adjunct staff for administration etc. This group of retired teachers and professors represents a readily available resource pool that is often unused by our communities. The compensation offered would be minimal and many would be grateful for an opportunity to make a contribution to the institution even after their retirement. This would also have a favorable impact on the school, principal and the teachers involved.
Strategy 3
I would also try to raise revenues by asking philanthropists like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg to support the cost of teaching a class for the entire duration of a particular make-up session. This would include the salaries of teachers as well as other incidental and administrative costs. Since there are five classes in total, this could be achieved comfortably. The name of the contributor would be emblazoned on the door of each class and a photograph of the door as well as the class in full session sent to each contributor as a sign of the good work they have done by sponsoring this course (Sorenson & Goldsmith, 2006). It would similarly be good for the principal, teachers, and students involved in the project.
Strategy 4
Often the students lose interest because the regular teachers are in a hurry and do not have time to give individual attention and guidance to a backward ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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